This Week on BNET (Nov 22-28)

Video Presentations from PhoCusWright
I know I said I was done with PhoCusWright posts, but I guess I lied. This is just a quick one to point you to actual videos of the Travel Innovation Summit presentations.

Premium Travel Falls Off a Cliff
Bad news from IATA as premium travel sales have fallen significantly. It’s once again time for the airlines to start getting anxious about demand.

Allegiant Bares All in Investor Presentations
Allegiant filed a bunch of investor day presentations with the SEC. It’s definitely worth flipping through to see what they’ve been up to.

Virgin America Says Profitability “Could” Be Pushed to 2011
Virgin America CEO David Cush said that the economy may push profitability to 2011. You would have thought that plunging oil prices would have helped, but I guess not. They’ve also said they won’t grow for a couple more years.

Delta’s Revenue Forecast Shrinks for the Fourth Quarter
Let’s dig in to Delta’s announcement that it has now slashed fourth quarter unit revenue projections. It’s not a good sign, needless to say.

What Made US Airways Reinstate Their Mileage Minimum and Bonuses for Elites?
Lots of airlines have backed away from frequent flier program changes lately, but US Airways waited the longest before making the switch. Are customers finally voting with their wallets?

Minimal Thanksgiving Delays, but Don’t be Lulled Into Complacency
Thanksgiving delays have been sparse so far. That means this is the right time to work on air traffic control reform before things get worse again.

Branson Builds the First Commercial Airport in the US Without Government Money
Branson Airport is rising on the mountaintops of the Ozarks. What’s so special? It’s the first commercial US airport that will operate without federal funds.

More on the Benefits of Building an Airport Without Government Money
Following up on my earlier post, let’s explore the possibilities of privately financing an airport. Could it actually work?

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