Random Bits of Info – Happy Bob Marley Day

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Lots of little things today compelled me to put out yet another edition of random bits of info. And yes, in case you didn’t know, today is the official Bob Marley Day in Jamaica. Also, I know there are a couple of Kiwis who read the blog, so happy Waitangi Day to you down there. (That’s a celebration of the founding of New Zealand through the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.) Lots of things to celebrate and lots of news to talk about.

Expedia and American Find One Love – As some expected, Expedia and American have come to terms. You can now search Expedia for all American Airlines flights, but I don’t have an update on whether the same is true for Delta yet. The press release didn’t give us any insight into why the spat occurred, but it’s likely because American found Expedia cheating with its evil older stepsister. Tune in next week for another edition of As the Travel World Turns.

Aer Lingus and JetBlue: Is This Love? – Remember that whole thing about Aer Lingus leaving oneworld and pursuing a life of relgious fulfillment? Well, they’ve taken that first step, by becoming partners with JetBlue. This is JetBlue’s first real partnership, and it seems like a good one to me. Now Aer Lingus can send its Boston and New York customers on JetBlue flights. I’m assuming that means codesharing, but I could be wrong. It will at least involve baggage transfers and the ability to book the itinerary on Aer Lingus’ website.

Spirit Says No Baggage, No Cry – You knew that 5 cent fares on Spirit meant they’d have to make their money elsewhere, right? Then it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re going to have to pay if you need more than one checked bag. Starting Saturday, your first bag is free, your second is $10, and any more than that should be sent ahead. Why do I say that? It’ll cost you $100 per bag to bring it with you. Of course people are complaining, but those people are also the ones who snapped up 5 cent fares. What was that about a free lunch again?

Get Up, Stand Up and Honor Lamar – Lamar Muse, one of the original founders of Southwest back in the day, passed away last night from cancer at the age of 86. Lamar’s story was an interesting one, because he and the other two founders – Herb Kelleher and Rollin King – had a falling out years ago. He left the airline early on and started Muse Air (nicknamed Revenge Air). Southwest bought the airline and turned it into TranStar before effectively shuttering it. The grudge had lasted for a long time, but I believe they buried the hatchet finally. Herb announced that $150,000 would be donated in Lamar’s name to his hometown YMCA, which Lamar helped build and to which he donated $350,000 when he died.

That’s all for today. Happy birthday to Axl Rose who has amazingly lived all the way to his 45th birthday. Another year goes by without releasing Chinese Democracy. I’m SURE it’s coming this year . . . .

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