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I guess Delta figures that they’ve already done enough expansion at JFK for now so they’re refocusing out West. We saw the first round of that with the establishment of the mini-hub at LAX, and now it’s growing even more.

  • LAX – Jacksonville (Florida) once daily starting Dec 15
  • LAX – New Orleans once daily starting Dec 15
  • LAX – Reno twice daily starting Mar 8 on a regional jet

Interesting choice of routes. The New Orleans one makes sense to me – capacity has been down on that route and they might make it work. The others are, well, interesting. Reno clearly looks to be feeding the Mexican flights from before and Jacksonville, um, well, it’s an evening flight to LA with a redeye return, so maybe it’s better than having the plane just sit in Jacksonville all night.

For those Delta fans in Salt Lake, don’t worry, you’re not being neglected. You get new flights too

  • SLC – Winnipeg (Canada) twice daily starting Jan 8 on a regional jet
  • SLC – Guadalajara (Mexico) three times weekly starting Dec 2

Oh, and don’t worry, it’s not just Delta announing new routes. Try these on for size:

  • JetBlue flies Boston – San Juan once daily starting Dec 13
  • Emirates begins daily New York/JFK – Hamburg (Germany) on Oct 29 using 777s. Beware, Emirates 777s in coach have 10 across seating while every US carrier only has 9 across

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