JetBlue Starts Dating

Aerosvit, Eos, JetBlue

datinggameJetBlue mentioned before that they were interested in exploring airline partnerships and it looks like they’ve started dipping their toes in the water here.

Our first contestant is AeroSvit. That’s right, the shy and reserved Ukranian airline that flies to New York. If you buy an AeroSvit ticket and then connect to JetBlue, AeroSvit will give you a $100 back. All you have to do is submit both receipts to AeroSvit.

To be fair, they could be doing this without JetBlue’s permission at all, but contestant number two is most definitely working directly with JetBlue. Eos, the refined and proper dame flying all premium service between JFK and London will now give you 100 TrueBlue points when you buy a ticket on Eos. That’s enough for a free flight on JetBlue.

Granted, this isn’t much of a partnership in the scheme of things, but it’s probably just the beginning.

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