JetBlue Puts the New in New York

JetBlue, JFK - New York/JFK

JFK, originally uploaded by maxpower33.

I spend so much of my airport posts focused on LAX that I thought it would be nice to check in on the east coast and see what’s new. In this post, I’ll check in on the new JetBlue terminal at JFK.

Anyone who has flown JetBlue into New York/JFK knows that it’s not easy. Sure the terminal has wi-fi and good food, but it is just about maxed out with flights and travelers.

JetBlue anticipated this long ago and they’ve had a new terminal in the works. It’s quite convenient that right next door to their terminal 6 is the long vacant terminal 5. You’ve seen pictures of terminal 5. It’s an architectural icon, the former home of TWA at JFK. Well, JetBlue has bulldozed everything behind the main structure and built their own terminal., as you can see above.

The terminal structure appears to be mostly complete, well in advance of it’s scheduled opening next year. It will give the airline some much-needed space to stretch out and most importantly it will make life easier for travelers.

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