Cranky on the Web: Podcasts a Plenty on a Miserable Summer, Loyalty Programs, and More

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You may have noticed I haven’t put up a Cranky on the Web post in awhile. That is by design. It seemed to me that they never got much engagement in the comments and nobody seemed to care when they stopped. That being said, I did a few podcasts recently, and I thought it worth doing a one-off post so you can listen in if the topics grabs you.

If you really want to follow where I’m quoted, I post everything on the Cranky in the News page.

Now Boarding: Everything you need to know about frequent flyer miles and airline statusCNBC Now Boarding
Come along as we talk about one of my least favorite subjects – frequent flier programs! Of course, it’s more nuanced than that, and it’s a great format that Leslie and Erin have put together over there.

Summer air travel: Another season of ‘airmageddon’?The Folo by Travel Weekly
I know, I know. Everyone likes to talk about whether this summer with be an air travel nightmare. But in a rare twist from what you might traditionally expect, none of us on this podcast were trying to scare the hell out of everyone. Sure, bad summer weather can turn things around on a dime, but the airlines otherwise seem well-prepared.

752 Breeze Airways, plus CrankyAirplane Geeks Podcast
I’ve been coming on Airplane Geeks for ages, so it’s always nice to come back again for a visit. We actually talked a lot about Cranky Concierge on this episode, but of course, there’s more.

Analysts: An AA-JetBlue breakup could be complex, costlyTravel Weekly
How about a bonus article from Travel Weekly? This one covers the NEA break-up and what that might entail… if it happens.

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9 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Podcasts a Plenty on a Miserable Summer, Loyalty Programs, and More

  1. I like the “Cranky on the Web” posts because I find most of the articles you comment in to be interesting. I certainly won’t find all of them on my own.

  2. I think it’s hard to comment on these because they usually encompass a variety of topics, and I suspect some readers comment directly on the linked site, when applicable. However, if you like comments, we should all endeavor to comment more! I always thought of these web round-ups as part of the Cranky performance portfolio

    1. No, that’s fair. Comments are just one metric, but overall there just appears to be less engagement. But there have been enough comments here that I an look at doing it again regularly.

  3. I always liked the old Cranky on the Web that linked to print articles you were quoted in. I’m just not a podcast listener.

  4. Two things:
    1. I actually loved these posts because it gave me interesting reading for the weekend. I never commented. And I seem to recall you mentioned several weeks ago you were taking a summer break for the Saturday posts so I didn’t think about writing in to say hope they come back.
    2. Cranky Weekly Review on Fridays also gets almost no comments but I’d submit that there are many more of us who love the post than actually comment on the post. I assume your blog gives you other metrics to see who’s engaging with the post? But I hope the Friday posts won’t soon go away simply based on low comment quantities.
    Thank you!

  5. Cranky on the Web is the best of all the airline related blogs – you’re interesting, funny, and don’t go on and on and on about a meal served on United back in 1986.

  6. I always enjoyed reading the “Cranky on the Web” summaries in the past.

    There may not have been much for me to comment about on them, but they exposed me to new authors, viewpoints, and topics that I would not have otherwise experienced, and I always felt that they enhanced the credibility of this blog as a whole.

    As I recall, a quote in a traditional print media publication (USA TODAY?) many, many years ago is what spurred my first visit to

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