A New Cranky Talk is Live – All About Alliances!

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Alliances! I figure if I put the exclamation point there, it’ll get you excited. We received another listener question this week about whether alliances still matter in a joint venture world. The answer? Well, it’s not cut and dry, so you’ll have to listen to hear what we think.

And now, a programming note: Remember how Dave got married? Well next week he’s taking his honeymoon. Assuming his flight isn’t canceled, we’re going to push back our publishing schedule by a week, so look for the next one in 3 weeks.

Email Dave here because he really wants to check his email on his honeymoon.

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7 comments on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – All About Alliances!

  1. Three days until the big reveal. Will Spirit accept the final rose from Frontier or JetBlue? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of “As the Jet Turns!

  2. Whoa, are you not posting the actual podcast on the site anymore? That’s a big blow to us anti-Apple people who have always been too lazy to set up a Spotify account. Is that just me?

    1. Dfw88 – It’s still there at crankyconcierge.com/podcast. We just are linking to third party sites now to try to get more reviews to help spread the word.

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