Cranky on the Web: Flight Delays, Bay Area Growth


Airlines, FAA spar over flight delays as crucial Fourth of July weekend approachesCNBC
It’s amazing to see the FAA throw shade at the airlines on the same day that it had to implement flow control due to a staffing issue at Jacksonville Center. This is everyone’s fault.

Bay Area air travel soars with new routes but bottlenecks confront passengersMercury News
Here’s a Bay Area-centric look at the state of airline operations.

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6 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Flight Delays, Bay Area Growth

  1. The Bay Area Mercury News link above goes to the same CNBC spar over delays articles as does the first link.

  2. My brother in law, who used to work at the Jacksonville Center, tells me controllers can get two weeks off by merely declaring they have Covid … and not needing to offer any proof. He says that’s the source of their recent labor problems.

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