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Why Doesn’t My Carry-On Fit In Alaska’s Bag Sizer? (Ask Cranky)

It’s time for another Ask Cranky question.

After getting sick of being hassled on past trips for my stuffed carry-on bag, never mind that it always fit, wheels toward the windows, in the actual bins on [United], I bought a new, carry-on bag with stiffer sides.  Yesterday, I took it

A Closer Look at Tijuana Airport’s Cross Border Xpress

I’ve been aware of Cross Border Xpress (CBX) as a way for Americans to easily use Tijuana Airport for some time, but it wasn’t until I met with the CBX team at IPW in June that I really got a good understanding of how this works. It’s a great alternative …

Five Useful Things I Learned About TSA Precheck

At the end of a long Tuesday at IPW in June, I stopped off to visit with the TSA Precheck team. This was a friendly and happy group, and more importantly, I was filled with all kinds of information about Precheck that I didn’t know or hadn’t heard confirmed. This …

Norwegian Tries to Fix Itself Before It’s Too Late

There are changes afoot over at perennial money-loser Norwegian. After years of rapid growth and poor financial performance, the airline has finally pumped the brakes. Growth is down, routes are being re-shuffled, and its founder and CEO is gone. Will this be enough to save the airline or is it …

Unions Slapped for Not Obeying Temporary Restraining Order Granted to American

The fight between American and the TWU/IAM unions representing mechanics and fleet service workers continues to get worse. Though American was able to obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO) preventing the mechanics from slowing down the airline, statistics show that things have not improved. American went back to court last …

FULL: Sign-Ups for the LAX Airfield Tour are Now OPEN

Update: It took less than 20 minutes for this to fill up. I have reached out to LAWA to see if we can add more capacity. If so, I will post updates. If you had trouble getting through, email me at and I will get you on a priority

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