FULL: Sign-Ups for the LAX Airfield Tour are Now OPEN

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Update: It took less than 20 minutes for this to fill up. I have reached out to LAWA to see if we can add more capacity. If so, I will post updates. If you had trouble getting through, email me at cf@crankyflier.com and I will get you on a priority waitlist if we get more capacity.

If you’d like to join us for the LAX airfield tour at this year’s Cranky Dorkfest LAX on September 7, then it’s time to sign up. There is no cost and you have to be at the Flight Path Museum by 9am.

To claim one of the 50 spots on the bus, you can sign up at crankyflier.com/dorkfestlax

For full rules and requirements, you can click here or see below.

  • Each person who signs up can bring no more than 1 guest with them – guests should be 6 years of age or older.
  • Your invitation is only good for you and your guests.  If you are unable to attend, you must tell us so that we can reallocate your space.
  • When you sign up, you are agreeing to be at the Flight Path Museum by 9am on September 7 – you can drive and park or take rideshare/taxi.
  • You are required to submit your full name, date of birth, and driver license or passport details for security pre-screening if you wish to take the tour. You will receive a message with instructions on how to provide that information once attendance is confirmed.
  • You may not bring any bags on the bus with you.  There will be storage at the Flight Path Museum.  (Cameras are welcome.)
  • You may be subject to additional security screening.
  • The bus will leave from the Flight Path at 9:30am whether you are on it or not. 
  • The bus will return to the Flight Path within an hour.  For those who are going to In-N-Out for the main event and don’t have a car, the bus will then continue on to In-N-Out to drop you off.
  • LAWA may cancel the tour at any time for any reason.

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23 comments on “FULL: Sign-Ups for the LAX Airfield Tour are Now OPEN

      1. Totally not fair, I was just clicking on the link, which did NOT have the ‘www’ part.

        I could not even leave a comment until now at 11:27 am, Denver time

        I never ever got anything but the “503′ message…

    1. This appears to be true.

      Unfortunately the event is full and the link in the post wasn’t written that way.

    2. Bummer! Many of us were just clicking on the provided link. Never even thought to include “www.” in the address. Hope the attendees have a great tour.

    3. That’s really annoying. I was refreshing the page constantly for half an hour, while I really should’ve been working.

  1. I guess I should feel lucky that I used the link on the old page from a few days ago instead of this one. Unfortunate for those who might have been able to get in if not for the bad link.

  2. Both links should have worked, but my host was overwhelmed either way. I’m trying to get LAWA to add more buses. If you want to be put on the priority waitlist, just email cf@crankyflier.com and I will add you.

    1. And to think I was just joking a couple days ago about this really being a way to load test the servers…couldn’t have been *that* many people coming in at once to do it.

  3. Given the high demand, an auction for the evening event might be one way of allowing people time to buy without loading the servers.

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