An Expanded Cranky Dorkfest LAX Comes September 7

Cranky Dorkfest

As you all know, Cranky Dorkfest LAX is a time-honored tradition with very little organization to it. You just show up, have an In-N-Out burger right by LAX, talk shop, and watch gigantic airplanes touch down on runway 24R. That isn’t changing this year when it happens on Saturday, September 7, but there are a couple of additional events that I’m adding… as if you needed even more of a reason to attend.

What’s new? There’s going to be an airfield tour in the morning, and then later in the day I’m putting together a small event at the airport. Details are still coming together, but here’s what I know so far.

An Airfield Tour for the Early Birds

This year, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA, which runs LAX) is joining the festivities. We went back and forth trying to figure out the best way to get the airport involved, and we can to a conclusion: We’re going to do an airfield tour before the main event begins. Here is as much of the plan as we know so far.

  • What: An airfield bus tour at LAX courtesy of LAWA
  • When: Saturday, Sept 7, 9 or 9:30am
  • Where: We’ll probably start from the Flight Path Museum (6661 Imperial Hwy, Los Angeles, CA 90045), but it’s not set in stone. I’m working on figuring out if we can arrange transport between there and In-N-Out for those without a car.
  • Why: If you have to ask, this isn’t for you
  • How: TBD, but see below

There will obviously be a maximum number of people who can do this, but I’m still waiting on those numbers. Since you’ll be on the airfield, we will need to get names, birthdates, etc in advance so they can run you through screening. You also can’t bring bags with you, so there are logistics involved. I’ll let you know when those are ironed out.

When the time comes, I’ll post a link on the blog. You will have to RSVP with all your details, and it will be first-come, first-served. There will NOT be any cost to attend this.

The Main Event

As always, the main event will begin at the park across from In-N-Out on Sepulveda at 11am. This one is set in stone.

  • What: Eat burgers, talk shop, watch airplanes, maybe get swag
  • When: Saturday, Sept 7, 11am to 1pm, though I’ve never left that early
  • Where: The park across from the In-N-Out Burger at 9149 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045
  • Why: See “What” if you need a reason
  • How: If you have a car, drive. If you are a member of the Parking Spot Club, you can take their bus. You can also walk, and Google will show you how.

If the airlines still want to contribute models and other goodies, there will again be a raffle this year. It will remain the same as in all previous years where you get one ticket at the event. Unlike the DFW event from earlier this year, raffle tickets won’t be sold. This will be just like all the previous LAX events.

A Tentative Exclusive Evening Event

I had hoped to have more info on this before I posted, but I don’t. So I’m going to leave you with some mystery. I am working on an incredibly unique evening event that would be very small, maybe 10 to 12 people at most. This wouldn’t be free — it would either have a set price or I might auction the spots off. It would be at the airport if it all comes together. Consider this a teaser. If it happens, you’ll find out here, and you’ll want to try for one of those coveted spots.

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29 comments on “An Expanded Cranky Dorkfest LAX Comes September 7

  1. Sounds like the date for this is fixed, and looks like I could do a quick roundtrip from Friday to Saturday for under $300 from the opposite corner of the country, plus whatever a cheap but serviceable hotel near LAX runs… Very, very tempting, will consider this for a bit more but probably pull the trigger and book the flight soon.

  2. Forgot to ask… Any idea roughly when the evening event would end? Looking at possibly booking a redeye Saturday night on the return flight back to the East Coast.

    Thanks. Very excited.

    1. Kilroy – If the evening event comes together, it would be over by 10, though I think the most exciting stuff would be done by 9, so redeyes work. But this will be really small if it happens, so no guarantees.

    2. Besides the evening event Brett will be organizing, there will be other aviation events that evening held by NYC Aviation for their SPOTLAX19 events.

      1. jetcitystar10 – I don’t believe they’ve posted the details yet, but that should be their main event. I’m sure details will follow.

          1. jetcity – Sorry, I totally misread your comment. Yes indeed. My event is just a tiny number of people since I assume most will be with you guys!

  3. I’m down for the morning event but my already purchased airline tickets with the 6:30pm departure are going to prohibit me from attending the evening event.

  4. I’d love to see if I can make this work to get there from Kansas. I’ve wanted to attend for several years. Thanks for the teaser.

  5. Already looking at flights. The fares are right, and I can use my Flagship Lounge pass I won at the DFW Dorkfest. Though with the timing, I feel like we should have some sort of wake theme to mourn the loss of the MD-80 that will only be retired for 3 days by then.

  6. I’m retiring and moving back home to San Diego from the bay area so hope to attend

    Geof O’Connor your Pan Am pilot

    1. Charlie – There better not be! This would be perfect for kids. I will make sure to check with them before we take RSVPs, but I can’t imagine there will be an age limit.

      1. Great! This will be my 4th or 5th Dorkfest (I lost track) and the first one I bring one of my kids to!

      2. I’ve been on a couple of other airport tours organized in a similar fashion, and in both cases there were age restrictions that came down from on high with respect to minimum age requirements. Not sure what LAWA has in mind, but, if folks are going to be moving about freely outside of the tour vehicles in a secure area to take photos, I can see why they’d be hesitant to allow children… as the avgeek father of three avgeek kids, it’d be awesome to be able to bring them!

  7. Wow awesome! I can come in from Hawaii as there are good fares that weekend on HA on their A321neo. This will be my first Dorkfest.

  8. Flights out of AUS for a same-day jaunt are dirt cheap (thank you Spirit…their times are all wrong but AA/DL would work). Seriously thinking of making the trip :)

  9. need to specify it’s 6661 W. Imperial Highway. If we out of towners plug in just 6661 Imperial Highway to Google’s Search Engine, Google Maps takes us to the corner of Imperial and Pershing which has nothing but dirt and fuel depots!

  10. Thanks for putting all of this together and getting LAWA involved, that’s awesome!

    I think the model of having an having an event that’ll be open to the masses, along with a couple of optional / more exclusive components, is a good one.

    I look forward to seeing everyone in September! And if folks are looking for a lodging recommendation, the H Hotel has a rooftop observation deck with great views of arrivals on the north runways, and there will be folks staying there in conjunction with NYC Aviation’s SpotLAX event that weekend… can’t wait!

  11. I am flying down from SEA, get in around 8:30am. Looking forward to the tour. How do we get names and birthdays to you?

    1. Good to see more Greater Seattle people coming down for the event. Hopefully we’ll have about 20 people from the area there for the festivities.

  12. I just discovered this site and I’m enjoying it. I live in Orange County, CA, so I’d be crazy to miss this event! Has the tour link been posted?

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