See You at the 3rd Annual Crankyspotting Dorkfest Tomorrow

Cranky Dorkfest

The day has finally arrived. It’s time to do a little spotting at LAX for the third annual Dorkfest. I’ve heard from several of you and am glad to see some familiar faces planning on showing up. Remember, the event starts at 11a and goes until 1p. I’ll grab a burger and be out on the grass across the street from In ‘n Out at LAX.

If you’re flying in, you’ll be happy to know that The Parking Spot has reached out to me and encourages everyone to use their shuttle to get to In ‘n Out for the event. On the arrival level, look for the red sign for Hotel & Courtesy Shuttles on the center island. From there, just look for the spotted Parking Spot shuttle and hop on. Make sure you take the shuttle going to the Sepulveda location. (If you go to Century, you’ll be in the wrong place.) The Parking Spot at Sepulveda is right next to In ‘n Out.

And for those of you lucky enough to get tickets to dinner tomorrow night, I will see you there starting at 6p. It’s going to be a fantastic day.

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9 comments on “See You at the 3rd Annual Crankyspotting Dorkfest Tomorrow

  1. If anyone is heading down from SEA for the day. I’ll be on the first VX flight and I have space in the car for those who want to join for a pretty full day of spotting

    PS. KLM MD-11 is scheduled for 3pm

  2. Just a heads up that LAX changed the parking shuttle location for T7 over the summer. A bit of a surprise when we returned from vacation in August. It had moved east several islands from where it had been for years, including when I flew at the end of May. I don’t know if the other terminals had their parking shuttle locations moved.

  3. Bummer, I’m doing community service tomorrow with a Penn Alumni group from 10 am – 2 pm, so I’ll miss Dorkfest again.

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