Monthly Archives: January 2019

Air Travel Played a Pivotal Role in Reopening the Government

After more than a month, the government shutdown has ended… temporarily. Why am I writing about this on an airline industry blog? Well, because the reason for its ending appears to be air travel-related. Now the industry needs to remain united to ensure that this doesn’t happen again if when …

Celebrating Herb Kelleher’s Life With His Southwest Family

When Southwest founder and long-time leader Herb Kelleher died earlier this month, his loss was mourned by people all over the US and around the world. But as much as he was admired by people in and outside the industry, nobody appreciated him more than the people of Southwest Airlines. …

What the F*&@ Happened to All These Airlines?

I haven’t done an Ask Cranky post in awhile, and this one seemed like fun.

Hi Brett,
I was looking through the archive of “Who the F” articles you’ve written through the years, and I think it would be cool to see a follow up on each of the 19

Virgin Atlantic and Others Buy Flybe, Delay Its Demise

I don’t know what it is about regional airline acquisitions being so complicated, but we have a new champion. Flybe is a large regional airline based in the United Kingdom, and it has been looking for a good strategy for years. It now thinks it has found one… as Virgin …

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