Cranky on the Web: Basic Economy Covered Right, Pet Travel Podcast, The Mileage Game

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Cranky on the Web

United Airlines’ new Basic Economy fares: no carry-on, no seat assignment, no problem?The Plain Dealer
A good article out of Cleveland on the realities of United’s Basic Economy. I thought they covered this quite well.

Episode 25: Talking air travel w/Brett Snyder, The Cranky FlierAroo with Elena Battles
A podcast for dogs and people! Elena and I have known each other for years, so it was a lot of fun to sit down with her and do a podcast talking about pet travel. It’s remarkable how complex this can be. There’s a reason I don’t fly with my dogs, but not everyone has a choice.

And lastly, one I forgot to post previously…
Frequent Flier Miles Are Kaput—The Game’s About Credit Cards NowWired
This article confuses redeemable miles with elite status qualification in several places, but the point is that programs are changing and even publications like Wired find this newsworthy.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Basic Economy Covered Right, Pet Travel Podcast, The Mileage Game

  1. There will always people for the cheapest fare no matter what, so they will put up with it.

    I spent 10 days in Europe with her one bag tht went under, so other people can do the same most o the time.

  2. Interesting interview on Aroo, Brent. I appreciate your clarification of the use of miniature horses as service animals. Good job! And as a member of the DOT ACCESS Committee, I appreciate your discussion about such. I think it would have been helpful to define the terms that were tossed around during your conversation: pet, service animal, emotional support animal, comfort animal (no DOT definition), etc. I think it might have been confusing to listeners that the terms were used interchangeably, which is why there is such confusion among passengers and employees as to what is permitted and what is against the ADA/ACAA. Great way to start the conversation, tho. Thanks for sharing the link.

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