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Cranky on the Web

How to Get the Best Business Class or Premium Economy Flight
You might remember when I was in Cancun a month ago, I was there with Wendy Perrin and her WOW List members. I spoke to the travel experts in the audience about how to find the best flight experience (NOT the same thing as the cheapest price). The awesome Billie Cohen (my former editor when I wrote for the Condé Nast website back in the day) turned that into an article for the website, and, well, here it is. See if you disagree with me or if you have anything to add.

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4 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Getting the Best Flight Experience

  1. Every time I try the link I get can’t find this page. Maybe I’ll try it later if I remember.

  2. Finally got to the page.

    Me I just want to get where I’m going as easy as possible. Time plays a big part of it also, so it’s depends on who flus when.

    Good photo of you.

  3. But traditionally ‘international airlines’ are better,” he says, listing some foreign carriers that do a good job with this cabin class: …. Alitalia,

    You said something positive about Alitalia?

    Is the world gonna end now?

    1. Donald – Ha, good catch. The reality is that Alitalia’s onboard product isn’t terrible at all. Etihad has put a bunch of money into making it nicer, and that’s part of the reason (just a part) why it continues to hemorrhage. I think of Alitalia as a decent option to fly but just a terrible, terrible business.

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