This Week on BNET (Dec 15-19)

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Forrester Says Leisure Travel Brand Loyalty Disappearing Rapidly
Forrester says brand loyalty is disappearing. That hardly means that travel companies should just give up. There’s opportunity to be had.

Building a Green Hangar
How about a hangar that can generate more power than it needs? Or one that barely need climate control? The first one of its kind opened this week.

Northwest Forces Delta into Minnesota Commitment
The Twin Cities were worried what would happen when Delta took Northwest. They need to worry no more after coming to an agreement that favors MSP.

Pittsburgh Pours Money Into Delta’s Paris Flight and It Might Work
Delta’s entry into Pittsburgh involves a lot of money coming from the airport. For once, I actually like the idea.

Frontier Begins Offering “Productized” Fares
Frontier is following Air Canada’s lead and launching a tiered airfare structure. I’ve been a fan of this structure for years, and I’m glad to see it’s spreading.

IATA: Premium Traffic Continues to Plummet
It’s no surprise I’m sure, but premium traffic is heading downhill fast all around the world.

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3 comments on “This Week on BNET (Dec 15-19)

  1. The currently 187 flight/day from MSP must be Delta only flights, not counting the combined Delta/NW flights. Once everything is integrated I can’t imagine 400 flights would be difficult given current activity. Also, MSP has been a very profitable airport for NW, with very little competition. Delta would be smart to keep exploiting this. Cutting flights will only open opportunities for companies like Southwest to take advantage of.

  2. A – No, that 187 number is the current minimum number of flights required by Northwest, not the actual number. Of course, they’re way above that.

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