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International Air Traffic Disappears in September
And you thought air traffic numbers in August looked bad? International traffic fell off a cliff in September, and this obviously does not bode well for the airlines.

Delta Hires Ned Walker as Chief Communications Officer
Delta made a big move by hiring a communications star. This is a good thing, because Delta needs all the help it can get right now.

Boeing and IAM Reach Tentative Agreement
Boeing and the IAM have agreed upon a tentative agreement to end their nearly two-month long strike. Now what does this mean for the 787?

Common Airline Term Definitions
ASM, RPM, RASM, CASM . . . . You’ve heard the terms, but do you know the definitions? Here’s a guide to the basics.

JetBlue’s “Refresh and Rejuvenate” Program Shows Commitment to Labor
JetBlue has decided to allow pilots and flight attendants to take leaves from one month to one year with full benefits and seniority. It’s rare to see an airline have such a pro-employee program.

Delta and Northwest Receive Government Approval for Merger
It’s official. Delta and Northwest are one entity now that the DOJ has let the merger sail through the approval process. Should they have been tougher?

Third Quarter 2008 Airline Cash Positions
Here’s a list of US airline cash positions at the end of the third quarter, on September 30.

Third Quarter 2008 Airline Costs
Here’s a list of US airline costs during the third quarter.

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2 comments on “This Week on BNET (Oct 27 – 31)

  1. Well, I suppose that load factor would be more important than number of enplanements. If you have 500 people that get onboard, that’s great if you have 500 seats and terrible if you have 5,000 seats. Load factor gives you that information.

    But load factor alone isn’t helpful because you don’t know what people paid. If you filled your 500 seats with 500 people, that’s great if they each paid $500 but it’s terrible if they each paid $5.

    When it comes to overall success, I look at RASM vs CASM.

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