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Three Things I Learned at Southwest’s Halloween Contest


It was a fun day at Southwest headquarters today when I was invited with three other bloggers (Holly Hegeman of PlaneBusiness/PlaneBuzz, Ellen Wernecke of Jaunted, and Grant Martin of Gadling) to be guest judges for their annual Halloween contest. I dressed myself up as a Canadian Mountie (Get it? They start their codeshare with WestJet up in Canada next year . . . yeah, I’m a dork), handed out Molsons, and had a lot of fun. But I did learn three important things while I was there.

Me and Southwest CEO Gary Kelly
  1. Gary Kelly is frighteningly tall. I mean, seriously. I look like a midget in that photo.

  2. Absolutely no work gets done at Southwest on Halloween. I’m honestly surprised they even fly planes.

  3. It is really hard to get the song Mamma Mia, er, SWAma Mia out of your head.

I’ll have a lot more details and pictures on Monday.

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8 comments on “Three Things I Learned at Southwest’s Halloween Contest

  1. Thanks for coming down to Dallas to be a judge! All of us in marketing are glad you liked SWAma Mia! (And believe me, it will be stuck in your head for a while…but at least you only saw the show once…)

  2. I flew SWA from Philadelphia to Chicago on Halloween. It was one of the most sedate SWA flight crews I’ve ever experienced. The gate agents were in costume, but the flight was as normal as can be — not a typical SWA Halloween experience. Maybe because it was a sold-out flight there was no time for games.

  3. You’re right, CF – that photo renders you seriously vertically challenged!! (even the guy in the background who, due to perspective, should be smaller than you (“far away, Dougal” – Father Ted), is taller than you, dude!!)

  4. Thanks for coming to Dallas to judge the contest. As you saw, it’s serious business! Some of us did get in a little work though – really!

  5. Actually, you are shorter than I was expecting, Brett. I was kind of surprised. Guess I thought you were like 7 feet tall or something — not sure why I would think that.

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