You’re in Seat 1A, Viscountess

British Airways, Southwest

I wasn’t planning on posting again this week, but after seeing this, I thought it would be nice to end the week on a lighter note.

07_06_22 batitleCheck out the long list of titles you can select for yourself when registering for the British Airways Executive Club frequent flyer program. Some of the highlights include High Chief, Vice Admiral, Baron, Cardinal, and my personal favorite, Her Majesty.

07_06_22 wnsuffixMaybe it’s just me, but I’d hope they wouldn’t make the Queen go online to sign up for the program. Actually, I’m pretty sure the Queen wouldn’t earn miles when she decides to take her own BA plane for her travels. Oh, and they have “His Holiness” as well. Think the Pope has been on a BA flight lately?

This reminds me of what my brother does when he flies Southwest (the whole “title” thing, not taking a plane at will). Try making a reservation at and you’ll see they give you a variety of suffixes you can use. Every time he flies, he uses CEO. More than once he’s had customer service agents comment on it, especially when he was in his early 20s with his long floppy hair wearing shorts and a t-shirt. As you can imagine, the agent think it’s hysterical.

Anyone else tried to use some of the more unique titles here? I’d be curious to see if they’d give you a hard time for it.

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6 comments on “You’re in Seat 1A, Viscountess

  1. One time a gate agent remembered me because of the silly CEO title and I made my flight as a result (long story). Cranky’s bro’s recommendation = ALWAYS add a ridiculous title.

  2. Let’s get back to the basics- I’m not even a fan of the Miss/Mrs titles. I never have been. A woman’s title should not have to depend on a man and whether she is married or not. I am happy with the Mr. and Ms…

    Hmm but now I wonder what Transsexuals and transvestites do…

    I also wonder what someone like Marilyn Manson select as a title?

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