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Since I’m on the road and don’t have as much time to put posts together, I thought I’d post a link to a very interesting post over on my friend Benet Wilson’s Aviation Daily on Airports Blog.  No offense to Benet, but she didn’t say anything interesting.  It was her guest-poster, TSA chief Kip Hawley, that made it interesting today.

It must be nice to have access to the big guns.  If any airline CEO’s or airport heads would like to do a guest post over here, I’m all ears. (Hello? Anyone?)

Anyway, back to the post.  Mr Hawley wrote about the recent move to 100% screening of airport employees in some Florida and Puerto Rico airports.  Orlando was on the list due to the employees that were found smuggling guns onboard airplanes earlier this month.  (Oops.)

Once you get through Mr Hawley’s government-speak (any mention of a “surge” of any kind gets my blood boiling these days), it actually makes a lot of sense.  To sum it up, the TSA is going to keep shifting resources around to keep potential “terrorists” guessing.  We’ll never have 100% security, but we’ll do our best to minimize risk.  Now, I’m always skeptical about anyone who refers to the government as being “flexible and nimble,” but I at least like the idea.

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