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“Airport Security in America is a Sham . . .”
Effective security may be unpleasant, but it’s worthwhile and important. Is what we have today effective? What else can airlines be doing?

Mayor Villaraigosa’s Misguided Strategy for LA Airports
LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is as it again. He continues to push his regionalization strategy despite its terrible flaws. See why this won’t work.

Oil Prices Go Down but Fees Do Not
Oil is coming down, but fares and fees are staying put or even rising. What started out as a response to high fuel is here to stay at least for some airlines.

Another Good Reason Why Republic is Flying for Mokulele
Mokulele is Flying Again
Mokulele had to shut down this week when the FAA found it hadn’t completed some training. They’re back up and running now, but it’s probably a good thing that Republic will be flying for these guys.

AirTran Now Selling Upgrades On the Aircraft
AirTran will let you upgrade yourself once you’re actually onboard the aircraft. This makes a lot of sense. Have you ever seen the legroom on an AirTran 717 in coach?

Details on United’s Fuel Hedges
United gave us details of its future fuel hedges, and it doesn’t look pretty. That is, of course, the risk you take when you play in a volatile market.

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Re: Mayor Villaraigosa’s Misguided Strategy for LA Airports

Cranky, I agree with your comments against regionalization in L.A. However, the separation of long-haul and short-haul does seem to work in at least one place — Tokyo. Do you have insight why this policy is right for that market?