Nobody Knows Why LAX Keeps Having ILS Failures

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In the last couple of weeks, LAX has seen failures on one of its instrument landing systems (ILS) on two separate occasions. The first time, it created a heck of a backup, but the second time was less painful because the weather was better and it lasted for a shorter period of time.

Now, we come to find out that officials at LAX have NO IDEA why it’s failing.

This quote came from the Airport Business article on the subject:

“We haven’t found the cause of the problem,” said Steven Zaidman, vice president of technical operations for the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization. “At this point, we’re maintaining technicians 24-7, full-time, to reservice the instrument landing system and reset it” whenever it shuts itself off.

Oh yeah, that’s encouraging. Hopefully they’l figure this out soon, because LAX has enough problems without this one.

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