Cranky on the Web (August 12 – 16)

In the Trenches: Choosing Our Tone With Unhappy CustomersIntuit Small Business Blog
Every business has unhappy customers from time to time, but sometimes it doesn’t make any sense. With those, I have a hard time finding the right tone.

Airlines fight back on DOJ challenge to mergerThe Cycle on MSNBC
Krystal Ball on The Cycle brought up in the discussion about the merger. See the clip at the link – the Cranky mention starts at 3m18s.

GlobeTrotters on Twitter | Brett Snyder (The Cranky Flier)
Vishal did a little interview with me as part of his GlobeTrotters series.

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Watched the segment on the merger. When I saw them bring up the 1,000 flights that were deemed illegal concentration, with a little digging, it brought up hundreds of suspect examples like Des Moines to Tallahassee which has two passengers each day and Delta controls 70%. How could a merger represent a problem in markets like this? Somebody was trying to manufacture a big scary number, but came up with many ludicrous examples. Some of the examples they gave about the hassles of travel have nothing to do with airlines. The example of taking off her child’s shoes is TSA.… Read more »

I’m curious–do you often have people clamoring for refunds?

David SF eastbay

Unhappy Customers:

Those people did what the big box retailers are complaining about. People go into Best Buy and ask a million questions about a product and get all their answers, then go online to amazon to purchase the item.

These people used you to make their life simple and once they had all the answers, took advantage of your refund policy.

At least you said it doesn’t happen a lot, so you may not have to rethink your policy.

Brett, I just think you have to suck it up. People will take advantage of the policy. I always point to Nordstrom and Costco who have the most liberal return policies in the retail industry. The Costco return policy on TVs was so generous, people were coming in with their old TVs (bought at Costco) and saying they wanted to take advantage of the “TV Upgrade Program”. I have actually seen people returning obviously old, beat up furniture. This was because they had used furniture purchased at Costco for a few years and din’t want to pay to move it,… Read more »
Nick Barnard

NBC’s website is annoying.. The link is just a wee bit wrong. The one above goes to a story on the War on Drugs. The right link is

James Williams

I think the DOJ’s interest comes down to the slots at National and the fact that this is the first merger that will affect Congress more directly than the others.

I think the 85% stat is a bit overplayed because most countries have substantial coverage by fewer than 4 airlines. We have large swaths of the USA that can only support one airline.