You Can Join the Pan Am 747 Dinner By Giving to Education


I haven’t mentioned it here, but I’ve sat on the board of a charter (free, public) school just west of downtown LA (Pico Union area, for those who know it) for more than 5 years now. We started Equitas Academy as a structured, achievement-based school designed to prepare kids in this disadvantaged area to graduate from college. This year, we open a middle school and we are growing with more schools in the next few years. Our results so far have been excellent. (For those who know the lingo, our API is pushing very close to 900.)

Our big fundraising auction is coming up on Wednesday, and I’ve decided to auction off 2 seats together on the sold out Pan Am 747 dinner on the evening of September 28 at our event. If you’re in the area and would like to attend, you’re welcome to join us. Just RSVP here.

Pan Am 747 First Class

These will be for Clipper Class seats, because those are the only ones I have available. Remember, that just means drinks in Clipper Class followed by dinner in the First Class cabin you see above, so you’re not going to be missing out. And if seats open up in First Class with dinner on the upper deck, you’ll be upgraded without paying extra. These were originally offered at $200 for the pair, but naturally I’d like to raise much more for the school.

I’m going to do a very simple process to allow people to bid remotely. Just email me at with your bid. (Remember, you’re bidding for two seats, and seats can be re-sold if you’d like.) The highest bid received by 1159p Pacific Time on Monday will become the starting bid on Wednesday at the event. If nobody bids higher, they’re all yours. (If somebody does bid higher at the event, you will be first on the waitlist if seats open, and payment would only be due at that time.)

As you can tell, this means there will be no way for you to increase your bid, so choose wisely. Thanks in advance for supporting Equitas Academy. I hope to see you on September 28.

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