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Doug Parker Decides ‘Small is Beautiful’ – Doesn’t Want AA-US Merger After Livery ConcernsGadling
Another April Fools’ post from me. This time, it’s about the end of the US Airways/American merger.

Samoa Air’s Plan to Charge Fliers by Their Weight: Crazy or Crazy Smart?Conde Nast Daily Traveler
Samoa Air has decided to charge people strictly by weight. Interesting idea that has some real pros and cons.

In the Trenches: Expanding Our HoursIntuit Small Business Hours
There’s been plenty of talk about us managing our business hours, but is there any talk of expanding them?

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Samoa Air – If you go on a helicopter tour in Hawaii they weigh everyone to know where to seat them in the helicopter, but the digital read out is only seen by the employee behind the counter. So maybe that is they type scales they will use. But years ago at the United Express terminal at SFO I was waiting for a flight when they announced they would have a weight issue on a flight to Chico and everyone had to hop on the scale. The scale was one of those huge ones you used to see at country… Read more »


“When it comes to bag weight, that’s like asking someone if they want to eat chicken or beef at a wedding dinner?two months in advance. Who the heck knows?” — Love this quote! But then again, isn’t it the same problem with paying bag fees upfront? Very often I don’t know in advance how many bags I will want to check on a particular flight.


I think the problems described with the weight method are able to be overcome by airlines running small aircraft. However, when you try to weigh in people on even a mid size aircraft like the A320, the check in times become unworkable. (And even impossible if you have a kiosk check in system). The problem for most customers is the issue of space, and for airlines it is revenue/cost. At the moment there is only limited facility aboard aircraft for providing more space for larger customers. The reason for this is that people buy their tickets at home where they… Read more »


As a local BBQ place puts it, “Life is too short to live in Dallas”