Cranky on the Web: Frontier’s New Pricing Plan Podcast

Cranky on the Web, Frontier

Frontier’s pricing-display strategy and what it meansThe Folo podcast by Travel Weekly

It’s a short list this week, but if you have the time, here’s nearly 37 minutes of chatting about Frontier’s new pricing plan. It’s a good discussion.

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1 comment on “Cranky on the Web: Frontier’s New Pricing Plan Podcast

  1. I loved the rant about the McD’s app and how you connected it to Frontier’s new pricing plan. I agree that too many options often results in too much confusion; if you’re going to offer a lot of a la carte options, it’s best to have them “buried” deeper down, with a few popular packages front & center.

    Quick aside: Call me a luddite, but I have never personally found value in the in-store touch screens for fast food, nor do I have any restaurant apps on my phone… MUCH easier & quicker to just place an order verbally at the counter or at the drive-through. (Though at this point, when a chain fast food meal runs $10+ easily, I’m finding more value in fast casual restaurants and local burrito/deli counters for a few bucks more.)

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