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Another vote delay leaves Spirit’s merger with Frontier in question while JetBlue circlesCNBC
This is so 1 week ago. I mean, the vote has been delayed yet again, but it was still a good story about where things stood.

5 Things You Urgently Need Before You Head to the Airport This YearFodor’s
We didn’t speak to Fodor’s for this piece, but it was a nice surprise having Cranky Concierge chosen as one of the top things you need to travel this year.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: More on Spirit

  1. Congrats on the mention, that’s fabulous! I’m sure that was a very pleasant surprise!

  2. I feel like the situation is a win for Frontier either way, they merge with Spirit and become the largest ULCC in the country. JetBlue wins and Frontier’s biggest competitor goes poof! Although I’m not entirely sure what JetBlue’s plans are if they successfully acquire Spirit, the transition for JetBlue is going to be allot tougher than if Frontier wins the battle.

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