3 Links I Love: The Emirate Strikes Back, The Best Airline Ad, More

Links I Love

This Week’s Featured Link

Emirates statement on operations at London HeathrowEmirates News
Emirates has said what everyone in the world wants to say. “Get your shit together, Heathrow. Your solution sucks, and we are ignoring your demands.”

Tweet of the Week

This epic Greyhound adventure from Boston to Seattle is truly a thread worth reading. This experience is without question the best ad for an airline ever.

Two for the Road

Delta Air Lines announces June quarter 2022 profitDelta News Hub
It’s earnings season. Delta made money, but it made a lot less than it would have if it could run a decent operation. And its results were far below Wall St expectations because of that.

Spirit Airlines Announces Intention to Adjourn Special Meeting of StockholdersSpirit Newsroom
Wouldn’t it make more sense to just issue a press release if they AREN’T going to adjourn without doing anything? Now it’s July 27, which was the date Frontier asked for. I don’t know what they think is going to change by then.

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7 comments on “3 Links I Love: The Emirate Strikes Back, The Best Airline Ad, More

  1. That Greyhound travelogue was amusing and sweet. But, man, there isn’t enough money in the world to make my 51-year-old self do something like that today.

  2. Longtime reader, rare commenter. Website architecture comment (because I love your content – that’s all I have to say about that!). Curious – would you consider making links to external websites open in a new tab? I seem to always lose you…especially on the 3 Links I Love posts. Not hard on my end to right click and open in new tab…or CTRL-click…I know, silly little UX comment. But one I’ve meant to submit for…maybe a decade now? :)

    1. Jace – I’ve gone back and forth on this one. Some people would rather just click off and not open a new tab. If we leave it this way, people can right click if they want. On the other hand, if we force the new tab, nobody has a choice. So that’s where we settled.

  3. I loved the Emirates letter. Not only was their point that it’s simply unreasonable to expect reacommodation of all those passengers in only 3 days – most of whom are connecting – well-put, but the snark was some of the best we’ve seen in UK aviation since the days of Willie Walsh vs. Sir Richard Branson.

    On the Spirit meeting, it looks like the board is still trying to give Frontier time to scrape up a stronger counter-offer. I still also think there’s a possibility a few of the institutional stockholders are saying “a plague on both your houses” and wanting Spirit to reject both Frontier and JetBlue, at least for now, and while it could be a small faction, it could be big enough to keep either Frontier or JetBlue from getting a majority.

    And on that bus trip…wow. I can’t possibly imagine it. In college I took the bus from San Francisco to Fresno a couple of times and it was one of the worst travel experiences I ever had that didn’t involve traveling sick. And that’s nothing compared to their slog across the country. Ugh.

    1. Re Emirates letter: right?!?!?! Loved it because it was professional but also just let them have it.
      “… is not as simple as finding a parking spot at a mall.”

      And I’m going to have to use this gem when fighting an insurance company that denies something a patient needs until they fail other arbitrary treatments demanded by the insurance: “This is entirely unreasonable and unacceptable, and we reject these demands.”

      Bravo Emirates!

  4. I did an epic four week Greyhound trip when I was a starving student. That was in the 80s, and I have no desire (and need) to do it today, but I saw and visited many places at very reasonable cost (they were selling unlimited 2/4 week travel passes at the time). Air travel really wouldn’t have been an alternative – the competition was a rental car, and that was financially not an option.

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