3 Links I Love: Finnair’s Nest, Turkish Recreates Pangea, Winter in Cape Town, PLAYing in New York

Links I Love, Turkish, United

Finnair long-haul revamp: New business class and premium economy cabins on offerPaxEx.aero
Finnair is putting a new cabin on its long-haul fleet, and the new business class seat is the most interesting. It’s what they call a “nest” in the sense that there is no fixed recline. You just use the different parts of the seat to move around and get comfortable in different ways. I have absolutely no idea how that works in practice, especially with seatbelts, but I do like when airlines try something different.

Turkish has a new ad campaign out this week starring Morgan Freeman. And of course, it sounds amazing, because it’s Morgan Freeman. Only thing better would be if instead of saying Pangea, he said titty sprinkles. But still, this one is visually stunning with a nice brand message, if that’s a thing that matters.

United Plans to Expand Service to Cape Town With Year-Round, Non-Stop Flights From New York/NewarkUnited Newsroom
I’m making it official. Winning the Network Victory Award at the Cranky Network Awards has the opposite effect of getting on the Sports Illustrated cover. United is taking last year’s winner — Newark to Cape Town — year-round now.

Stewart Airport welcomes $37M facility, return of international flights amid recoveryTimes Herald-Record
I assume that when WOW Jr — better known as PLAY — decided to add flights from its Keflavik base to New York’s Stewart, the discussion must have been something like this:
Someoneson 1: New York airports are expensive
Someondottir 2: Not Stewart
Someoneson: What’s a Stewart?
Someondottir: It’s an airport only 1,000 miles north of the city
Someoneson: Let’s do it

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9 comments on “3 Links I Love: Finnair’s Nest, Turkish Recreates Pangea, Winter in Cape Town, PLAYing in New York

  1. Looking at the picture of the Finnair’s Vector Premium Economy seat that is reclined; how would someone in the row behind the reclined seat ever be able to stand up and exit the row?

    1. Wiggle yourself out of your row while holding on to the top of the seat in front of you and shaking it as needed.

  2. The Bjorns must be factoring in all that tourist demand from Europeans to visit scenic Poughkeeppsie too!

    Hard to believe they spent $37 million on a new international arrivals facility, but on the other hand the PANYNJ couldn’t remodel a restroom at JFK for $37 million so maybe it’s not that bad.

    Isn’t Norse Atlantic also planning to serve Stewart?

      1. ONT makes a little more sense – there’s a decent-sized market in the Inland Empire that they might be able to tap for leisure travel to Europe.

        Certainly makes more sense than SWF.

  3. Really wish SWF could get actual non-token domestic service, flew to an event in Hudson Valley and would have loved to fly into SWF but only insanely loung double-connections, so we drove up from EWR

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