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Cranky on the Web: Vaccine Mandate Check, Cranky Dorkfest Interviews

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There is no evidence that Southwest Airlines cancellations were caused by workers protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandateVerify
Verify came back to me again to look into whether the vaccine mandate was behind Southwest’s troubles.

674 Cranky Dorkfest 2021Airplane Geeks Podcast
The Airplane Geeks took this week to publish a bunch of interviews they did at Cranky Dorkfest. I’m in there briefly, but it’s far more fun to listen to all the other conversations.

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1 comment on “Cranky on the Web: Vaccine Mandate Check, Cranky Dorkfest Interviews

  1. I don’t see any posting about Delta’s and Southwest’s rescinding of any threats to mandate the vaccine here. Ed Bastion may be a US Gov’t sac-hanger, but he’s not totally stupid. Delta has removed most of both the carrots and the sticks.

    The carrots – the incentive programs – getting vaxxed for days off or a few hundred bucks, etc – are being rescinded so the paycheck-to-paycheck clueless employees among the rest will “buy now while the sale lasts!!”

    As for the sticks, there will be no $200 extra health-care fee. there will be no required weekly testing, just the end of the deal in which anyone found to be WITH COVID would get all deductibles and co-pays waived. (Yeah, of course THAT was not an incentive for docs and billing departments to log anything in the world as COVID, was it? Of course not!)

    Face it, hysterics. Both SWA and Delta management saw what happened last week with both the SouthWest unofficial walk-out and the walkout (all but 3 controllers out of 35 in one sector) at JAX ARTCC a week ago Friday. The pilots and controllers said “STEP OFF!”, and they stepped off. Sometimes, you win!

    I like your airline info., Cranky, but quit being a hysteric about the COVID. It’s just a bad season from another virus out of the Orient. Get over it.

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