2 Links I Love and an Update I Don’t: EVA Fines, O’Leary Sounds Off, Heathrow Blocked Again

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Sorry to disappoint you, but there’s no featured link this week. See, I didn’t think it was worth a full post to update you on what happened with Cranky Concierge’s massive $6,500 bill from EVA Air, so I figured I’d just drop it in here as an update. (Read for the backstory if you don’t remember.)

After my last post on the subject. EVA asked that I pull it down so we could discuss, and then it could be reposted with full details after it was resolved. I struggled with that decision, but knowing that I would put it back up regardless, I agreed to take it down for a few days late one week. By that Monday, we hadn’t heard back, so I put the post right back up as it was originally published. After that, there was a lot of back and forth on both sides. Sadly, those of you who predicted EVA would back off were wrong.

In the end, despite the best efforts of the sales team, EVA only agreed to lower the cost a bit more than when I first wrote the post. It’s still costing us more than $4,000 out of pocket. That’s unfortunate.

Video of the Week: Air New Zealand is the king of the safety video, but I have to say I love this one. No, it’s not because of the birds but rather because it clocks in at only 3 minutes. These things have become too bloated. Good on Air NZ for cutting it down to size.

Two for the road

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary lets fly: on Flybe, Branson, Brexit and airport securityThe Times
Man, do I love this guy. As you’d expect, Michael O’Leary gives a great interview and doesn’t hide his feelings on a variety of subjects. The day he leaves the airline world will be a sad one.

Heathrow Expansion Blocked By Court of Appeal in Victory for Climate CampaignersIndependent
The courts have ruled that the third Heathrow runway is illegal, because it didn’t take into account the impact on climate change. Heathrow says this is just a stumbling block that can be fixed by an appeal, but even in that case, it undoubtedly pushes the project back further. Aircraft manufacturers continue to build greener airplanes, and that will only continue over time. A decision to stunt air traffic growth in the UK is short-sighted, and will only hurt the country in the long run.

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11 comments on “2 Links I Love and an Update I Don’t: EVA Fines, O’Leary Sounds Off, Heathrow Blocked Again

  1. “A decision to stunt air traffic growth in the UK is short-sighted, and will only hurt the country in the long run.” – an irrelevant argument, as we’ve already voted to enact the biggest act of national suicide already. Heathrow is a cess pit, in a poor location – and due to the way that planning and building (doesn’t) work in the UK, developing another site would probably take 30+ years (whereas the Chinese can construct a hospital in 72hrs from scratch….).

    1. Agreed.
      If (as Heathrow says) it’s just a delay while they appeal the decision, then that’s enough time to see if there is longer term demand after Brexit and the current drop in demand from coronavirus. A new runway may well be necessary later on but growth at all costs probably isn’t a great strategy right now.

  2. I will say I agree with you about Air New Zealand safety videos (especially Betty White and Richard Simmons) but the new one from Qantas celebrating 100 years was really good. I’m not sure if we’re allowed to post links so if you google Qantas safety video you’ll find it.

    1. The NZ safety video started out, IMHO, as “cheesy,” but I patiently watched it & it grew on me. I like the Treehouse Plane. It looks to me like a low-winged version of the Shorts 360!

  3. You made the right call to put the Eva story up in the first place and to update your readers stating that they changed little.

    The press is powerful and social media has changed the world to give the collective world much better insight.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. What would happen if you didn’t pay EVA, besides being sued. Can they place a lien on any payment transactions to you via ARC? Would you lose ticketing (plating?) privileges with anyone besides EVA?

    I’m not suggesting you would or should.

    1. Bill – Well, we operate as part of a much larger host agency, so presumably if we wouldn’t pay, then the host agency would either pay or face fines, sanctions, something. I don’t know the details. But I do know that if we didn’t, we’d lose our host agency and probably get sued. It’s not something I’d ever consider.

  5. I wonder what the safety video looks like on Air Panama’s Fokker 50??? We chose NOT to find out and drove to Panama City when Copa filled up. Non-rev adventure is one thing, this seemed like pushing the safety envelope. WWCCD?????

  6. Hmm…EVA had a pretty nice fare LAX-TPE-BNE that I was considering for my upcoming Australia trip, but I think I’ll take my business elsewhere.

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