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How Air Travel Will Change in
Just as was the case last year, I was asked to write up some air travel trends for 2019. See if you agree or have others to add.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: 2019 Air Travel Trends

  1. I would add that I think you’ll continue to see airlines add more unique destinations instead of trying to compete head to head in every route. American’s flights to places like Prague, Budapest, Dubrovnik and Bologna are part of what I believe will be a long-term trend. I think airlines have finally learned that adding money-losing routes to simply “keep up with the Joneses” (i.e., Deltas and Uniteds in American’s case) is a fast way to bankruptcy court. You’ll see a continuing trend to develop profitable (repeat, profitable) niches both on routes and products. One complaint I used to see is that the legacies were too much alike. Now I see complaints because they’re trying to differentiate (in ways the complainers don’t like). The trend toward more seats and more opportunities to choose what one wants will continue to the extent it can. Just my two cents worth.

  2. ” Both Boeing and Airbus have come up with space-saving lavatories primarily for short-haul aircraft.”

    I disagree with this characterization in one regard. They may have been for what had historically been considered “short-haul aircraft” but when you’re spending 6+ hours on a 737 MAX with these sardine can toilets is it really short-haul anymore?

    That’s the scary aspect of this…if the airlines get it into their heads that pax are willing to put up with those things on non-short-haul flights…how long before they push to have them on long-haul flights? Or, worse, start differentiating lavatories on planes as an up-sell?

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