1 Week Until Dorkfest and Cranky on the Web: United’s Polaris, Cranky Concierge Interview

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REMINDER: We are one week away from this year’s Dorkfest. Next Saturday, come by In-N-Out at LAX between 11a and 1p. (Assuming it’s like other years, I’ll end up staying later.) We’ll eat burgers, watch airplanes, and talk shop. Oh, and yes, I have a bunch of Southwest swag to give away. Hope to see you there.

Cranky on the Web

United upgrades target high-end corporate fliersHouston Chronicle ($paid subscription may be required$)
In this article, the author was talking about whether Polaris was truly a step forward for United. I said the seat (and just the seat, though the quote in the article didn’t reflect that) was all about United playing catch-up to others with direct aisle access and flat beds. Things like the Polaris lounges are a step forward though. Now the question is whether United will keep the soft product up or if the next downturn sees it slash and burn as usual.

Cranky Concierge Interview with Mike SaundersBusiness Innovators Radio Network
I was asked if I’d be interested in doing a radio interview to talk about Cranky Concierge. I’ll admit that at first I wondered if this was a paid placement, in which case I wouldn’t be interested. But now it appears that there really are no strings attached. If you’d like to hear more about Cranky Concierge, this nearly 20 minute interview will tell you everything you’d want to know.

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4 comments on “1 Week Until Dorkfest and Cranky on the Web: United’s Polaris, Cranky Concierge Interview

  1. Have fun at your Dorkfest next week.

    I can count the times I’ve eaten at In-N-Out on one hand using only four fingers. Have never cared for it since I tried it for the first time in 1985 when I moved to Orange County.

  2. As with most pay-walled articles, putting the headline followed by the name of the paper into Google gets around the paywall.

  3. Great interview.

    I loved how you started with an example of when NOT to use Cranky Concierge, really helps people’s credibility when they do that. Also, it was clear throughout the interview that you and your team have put a lot of thought into which types of customers you can serve well and which types of customers probably aren’t the best fit for your product, which is something far too few service-based businesses do.

    1. Thanks Kilroy. We don’t want to dupe anyone into using our service, because they’ll just be angry. That’s definitely not how we want to run a business!

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