Cranky Concierge Needs a Night Owl


Do you love helping stranded travelers? Are you nocturnal? (If not, do you by chance live on the other side of the world and have the right to work in the US?) Are you interested in part-time work? We’re looking for a fairly unique role at Cranky Concierge, and I wanted to post it here first.

As our business has grown, we can no longer cover overnights with our daytime staff. So we need a night owl who can be responsive during weeknights and help clients when things go wrong in the wee hours. The nice thing about this role is that it’s responsive, so it’s more about being on call than actually working the full time.

If you’re interested, go to to learn more and see how to apply.

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9 comments on “Cranky Concierge Needs a Night Owl

  1. “if not, do you by chance live on the other side of the world and have the right to work in the US”

    Well, you wouldn’t actually work in the U.S., but presumably would be paid (employee? Contractor?) by a U.S. company. If US work authorization is required for that, wouldn’t that pretty much limit you to US citizens, since permanent residents wouldn’t be abroad (at least not for an extended period of time if they want to keep their status).

    1. Oliver – Yes, this is a part time employee role so as a US Company, we can only hire someone with the right to work in the US.

      1. Might be easier to open “concierge grincheux” in Paris and have a European employee. Plus, think about all those cool tax-deductible business trips :)

        Anyway, good luck!

  2. An overseas military spouse might be interesting for this role. US citizen but living overseas, and might not have the right to work in the local economy where the servicemember is deployed. Potential downside is it’s likely not a permanent situation, once the servicemember is transferred back to the US, the spouse might want to switch to one of your day shifts.

    1. David M – Absolutely something we thought about. If you know any military spouses on the other side of the world, send them to us!

  3. I would love to do it, as someone living in New Zealand (pretty much on the other side of the world), but alas I do not have the right to work in the US. Oh well. Good luck with finding someone.

  4. I was also intrigued by this opportunity and researched the options working for a US company as a non-resident, so here are my summary findings at a high level:
    The best way to make this work appears to be through a contractor engagement. In the UK, which is where I live, one would set up a Limited Company and then invoice Cranky Concierge for its services. Based on the on-demand hours, this might be the most suitable option anyway. It further means, that Cranky Concierge does not have to pay employee benefits (health care etc), so could offer to pass those savings on to the contractor. The downside for the contractor is the administration work of invoicing, and submitting tax returns (in your country of residency), but I think this could be a win-win situation for what Cranky Concierge needs and one of us wants to do.

    Your thoughts?

    PS: Absolute favorite aircraft type is still the beautiful A380!

    1. TrippleF – The problem is that under California law (where we’re based), this isn’t an independent contractor role. We set the hours and we determine how the work is done, so that means it’s a part time role. Part time work like this doesn’t come with benefits, but it does mean we pay taxes we wouldn’t pay in an independent contractor role.

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