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The Best Websites to Learn About Air TravelYahoo! Travel
The good folks at Yahoo! Travel have named The Cranky Flier the best site for industry news. I’ll take it! Click on the link to read some of the other sites they like as well.

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18 comments on “Cranky on the Web – Named Best Industry News Site

  1. Brett. Congrats on your rating. You and your team are much more than a website. My experience using the Cranky Concierge service on a complicated ticket from San Francisco to Lithuania and back to Washington was great. I now have miles for a round the world trip, the organization of which i will only entrust to you! CJ Taylor

  2. Congratulations Brett, you worked extremely hard and so deserve the recognition!

    “All Day Ray”
    Southwest Airlines-Retired

  3. One of the few travel (industry) blogs I still read. Almost everything else has devolved into 24/7 non-stop credit card hawking. Well deserved award!

  4. There is only 1 reason why they have done this…..because it is true. You have a fantastic, consistent site filled with news and information that we as regular travellers find relevant and interesting. As an Australian, who travels the world year round, ( right now in Atlanta, about to board KE 36 for Seoul ) I find it hugely beneficial to get info that is not so parochial and drivel that we tend to get from the Aussie site. Well done and keep up the good work.

  5. Congrats Brett!

    Always good info, especially now that I find myself traveling on business a lot more than non-rev…wait, I have rights?

    Keep it up, you rock.

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