Topic of the Week: The Coolest Looking Winglet


We’ve seen all different kinds of winglets over the years, but the new scimitar winglet United has started installing this week is by far the coolest in my mind.

Scimitar Winglet

Even the name is bad-ass. Let’s get geeky today. What’s your favorite winglet?

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30 comments on “Topic of the Week: The Coolest Looking Winglet

  1. I tend to like the Boeing “blended” version that appears on the 737, 757 and 767. Now it is disappointing to see a 767 without winglets.

    The UA version in your photo looks interesting; have not seen this in person yet.

    Still, seeing a classic like a 707 or a DC-8 with a winglet is just wrong.

  2. I really don’t have a favorite winglet. They all enhance the look of an aircraft. But, it’s obviously not about aesthetics. It’s about efficiency. But it’s always nice when function and form can blend.

  3. …”this week is by fare the coolest in my mind.” Should it not be the word “far”? Looks like Cranky types fare so often it is automatic to add the “e” even when wanting to say far.

  4. Geeky response, Spiroids! It’s a little futuristic, fashion statement yet functional.

    I remember seeing the first winglets and thought Yuck, that’s a marketing ploy! Upon learning about the increased efficiency, I understood. As a frequent flyer I look at planes without them and wonder how why they don’t have winglets and how much money they are loosing.

  5. Surely an opportunity to add a “winglet fee” to my otherwise wonderful fare. To be collected at time of boarding. Sorry, credit cards only!

      1. The A320 wingtip fence is straight up and down, while the MD-11 and split scimitar winglets have the top and bottom parts at different angles.

  6. I prefer just a raked wingtip similar to the 787. I find something about the wingtip fences attractive both on the A320 and this new Scimitar one.

  7. The coolest winglet? Why the 12 foot monster on the MD-11. With 9′ above the wing and 3′ below, it was truly inspirational to fly this beautiful machine. While flying the 777-300ER (ULR) was a leap forward, the MD-11 was truly a beautiful machine.

  8. I like the sharklets on the A320 series only for the fact that I can’t stand the fence wingtips on the A320. The sharklets make the A320 look like a completely different airplane and a lot more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. With the fence wingtips the A320 wings look short and stubby but now with the sharklets they look long and graceful. It’s amazing how different the plane looks by just changing something as small as that.

  9. Not exactly a winglet, but the pontoons on the end of the Lockheed Constellation Super G are bitchin’.

    Of course, the whole plane is a work of art.

  10. Love it, design porn ;P
    Jokes aside though, which aircraft is that wing attached too?
    Its amazing how aerodynamics have changed over the years.

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