Topic of the Week: The Birds and Rats Have Won

Delta, JFK - New York/JFK

Delta travelers at JFK are waking up to a brand new airport experience today as Delta thankfully leaves Terminal 3 for good in favor of the new extension of Terminal 4 along with the existing operation in Terminal 2. This, of course, means the rats and birds have finally won. They will have T3 all to themselves until the wrecking ball knocks it down. So, New Yorkers… does this move to a much better terminal make you more likely to fly Delta? Everyone else… will you be more willing to connect through JFK on Delta now?

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24 comments on “Topic of the Week: The Birds and Rats Have Won

  1. I know it stinks that they’re getting rid of a historical building, but as someone who switched over to Delta this year – and is already well past Gold – I’m thrilled. T3 was a messy disaster. I can’t wait to see T4 on Monday when I next hit the road.

  2. It doesn’t change my opinion either way, although it stinks that DL couldn’t figure out an appropriate use for the historic portion of the terminal. (The 1970s add on can just be torn down.)

  3. My question is why do they even need terminal 2 at all? Cant Delta & the PANYNJ rehab the historic parts of terminal 3 or further extend terminal 4 with an aditional dozen gates?

  4. In general, I think we tear down too much of our history. I would like to see historical buildings preserved if al all possible. But if it doesn’t make sense to keep a historic structure, I understand that aspect of the equation, also. Maybe the building could be turned into a waiting area, restaurant, or viewing area. I’m not real familiar with JFK, so maybe I’m simply showing my ignorance.

  5. The old building meant nothing to me so it doesn’t matter. It’s sad for those that did like the building who won’t see it anymore, but as long as it betters the airport overall, hopefully will make up for it.

  6. I’m all for preserving historic buildings, but there wasn’t much left of T3 that I would consider historic, unless you are talking about the shape of the original atrium itself. It was an eyesore, designed for an era that will never exist again, far too overcrowded, and as Cranky pointed out – overrun by critters. It was time to go. Now if they would only give Delta total control of T4 by knocking down T2 and expanding T1, giving all other current T4 international carriers a new place to call home

  7. I am probably the only person here who believes DL and the PANY&NJ are making a short-sighted mistake tearing down the historic “saucer” portion of Terminal 3. That building is one of the few remaining “Jet Age” relics from IDL/JFK and would make a nice counterpoint to the preserved TWA flight center on the other side of Terminal 4. New Yorkers need to look no further than 32nd and 7th Avenues to see what happens when a company makes the short sighted decision to demolish an architectural masterpiece.

    I understand that Delta and the Port Authority need the space currently occupied by Terminal 3 for expansion and other aviation uses. However, I strongly feel that the historic Flying Saucer part of the terminal should be saved! The Flying Saucer has seen so much history pass through its steel and glass walls, from The Beatles to Martin Luther King, Jr. It was home to Pan Am, an airline that was the leader in air travel. Pan Am has done so much for the people of New York and this great nation during its lifetime. During its heyday it grew the economy, particularly in New York. It provided transportation and support for our troops during WWII, the Vietnam War, and the first Gulf War. This only remaining symbol of Pan Am at JFK Airport is about to be erased forever.

    How can anyone allow such an important part of history, architecture and art to be erased forever?

    1. The diifference is that tens of thousands of people walk by 8th Avenue every day, whereas a terminal building can only be seen up close if you’re flying that day.

    1. Yeah I still wouldn’t connect at JFK if I had the choice. Although to get from small US markets to secondary European cities, DL’s options out of JFK are some of the only 1 stop options. And DL’s soft/hard product is decent.

      But out of any large city, I would take a connection in LHR/AMS/CDG/FRA or even IAD (although flying United’s old transatlantic product sucks)

  8. That terminal was the #1 reason that I stopped flying Delta and stopped flying via New York. HORROR SHOW. Anyhow. I have other reasons now that I probably won’t be checking out the new terminal any time soon, but I hope it’s a rip-roaring success!

  9. Good riddance, T3. Though I’m not looking forward to connecting at JFK with a change of terminal. I’ve done the Delta T3–T4 bus before and it was a slow and not very convenient. Not holding my hopes too high with the expanded bus service.

    Also it’s somewhat silly that the AirTrain connects to T3 rather Than T2. I know the AirTrain is already 10 years old, but already two terminals have fallen by the wayside (6 and now 3). One would have hoped that a project like the train could have been built with a little more foresight…

  10. Transfer between DL terminals at JFK has been, and will continue to be, the pits until a T2/T3 replacement is built with a decent physical connection between it and T4.

  11. No, and no. I really don’t give a rat’s *** how nice the terminal I’m connecting through is. It’s great to have a fancy, sparkly new terminal, but I highly doubt anyone except a few aviation enthusiasts is going to choose airlines or flights based on that.

  12. As a native of NYC who flies DL often, I stopped flying out of JFK because of how horrible T3 was. It makes LGA look like LHR

  13. T3 was why I refused to route through JFK. I’ll consider it now but will have to look into if I’ll have to change terminals and re-clear security. ATL is much easier in that regard.

  14. T3 was a dump, but T4 has long walks and a 45 min wait for a cab. for the 15 minutes a week i’m inside, i know which i prefer…

  15. Meanwhile, Delta quietly and without notice ghettoized the booze in the SkyClubs, including the ‘flagship’ one they opened in T4.

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