Cranky on the Web (February 11 – 15)

American, Mergers/Finance, Operations, US Airways

Airlines Are Not Secretly Plotting Against YouConde Nast Daily Traveler
Just a little rant about things people think airlines are doing to screw them, when in fact they aren’t.

In the Trenches: The Conference CircuitIntuit Small Business Blog
I was at Farelogix media day earlier this week, and it makes me wonder if we should be more active with conferences.

Merger expected to improve choice for American customers on both coastsFt Worth Star-Telegram
I was asked about views on what the merger would mean and it ended up becoming a big story about how this will expand the networks.

American Airlines, US Airways merger means change in Los Angeles market strategyLos Angeles Daily News
A look at what might happen locally in LA with the combined airline. I’m not necessarily as confident about how much will remain in LA as I might sound in this article.

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6 comments on “Cranky on the Web (February 11 – 15)

  1. Airlines plotting against you:

    You should have hit on one of the best that I always laugh at. “They canceled by flight because there was only 20 people on it”. Right they wanted to screw your plans and the 300 other peoples plans who would be boarding that aircraft at the next stop.

    That one always kills me.

  2. Two of the articles suggest the possibility of Long Beach–DFW fights. That’s great, but where will the slots come from? Is Phoenix going to shrink so much that whole connection banks will be eliminated? Or perhaps some Phoenix flights will be downgauged to CRJ-700?

    1. Ron – I don’t actually expect to see Long Beach – DFW flights. I think it’s more likely that it just strengthens those Phoenix flights and by sending more feed via Phoenix.

  3. Brett, how was your stay in Miami? Did you fly in to MIA of FLL, hope to get a comment on our local airports as I am in the Ground Transportation Industry here in South Florida.

    1. TC – The event was at the Sofitel right next to MIA, so I flew there. I do have a trip report which I’m hoping to put up this week (depending upon what other news breaks).

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