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Atlanta’s New International Terminal Opened—Here’s How it Will Benefit YouConde Nast Daily Traveler
The overly-expensive new terminal in Atlanta is open. For connecting passengers, you won’t care that much, but for those starting or ending in Atlanta, things are going to be a lot easier.

United Airlines ends coach preboarding for childrenCNN
I was asked to comment on what I thought about United ending preboarding for families. I’m wondering if it will actually slow things down. Not sure about that one.

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…seriously, by the time you’ve announced, First class. Military in uniform, Parents traveling with children, Wheelchairs, Elites from OneWorld, Star Alliance, anyone needing special assistance…………..WHO LEFT???……LOL.

Parents who are trying to travel cheaply, are now getting their small children to roll down rollaboards onto the aircraft. You should see most of them struggle with these suitcases on wheels, especially trying to turn at the entrance door. it slows boarding down. Hence, general boarding. ON TIME, people. You want an ON TIME airline.

Jim M

Agree. I actually like to get the kids on-board first so I don’t have to witness the nightmare of getting kids strapped in first-hand. Horrors!!

Nick Barnard

Wait, Kate Hanni and CF almost agree on something? (Or at least CF doesn’t completely disagree with Kate..

David Baron

I’ve definitely seen it slow things down. Last fall, I think on United (which I think I’d noticed not giving parents with small children preboarding a good bit before this change officially happened), I saw it slow down a plane by about 10 minutes. There was a family with small children assigned seats that weren’t next to each other (maybe as the result of a missed connection). The gate agents had refused to fix the seating and refused to let the family board early (they were in the last boarding group). When they actually got on the plane, the flight… Read more »

kendall c
kendall c

We travel often with our children, and prefer boarding last. As it lets the kids run around til the last minute & keeps them from getting too bored sitting with seatbelt on, not moving at the gate for 20-30+ minutes.

Key is to not bring any roll-on luggage, or anything to slow you down. Travel as light onto plane as possible. Be nimble and quick.


Love It!!! Now let’s see the airlines start making the carry-on passengers with oversize bags check them at the gate or charge a hefty fee for not following the measured size guidelines. These selfish / ignorant people really slow things done when boarding and deboarding and aircraft. Let’s see what they do about that !!!


Actually I believe the new ATL Concourse F causes quite a few inconveniences. One, the airport built a huge new Consolidated Rental Car Facility a few years back…. which is connected to the previous main terminal. So, you arrive into F as a local passenger, you must take a shuttle bus all the way around the massive airport to the other main terminal, then ride a train to the rental car. This takes about a half hour in total. Same thing if you want to ride MARTA, the public transportation, into downtown, as MANY MANY business travelers do when attending… Read more »


Cranky, didn’t UA board families with children between boarding groups 5 and 6 before this recent change? Calling it elimination of preboarding by the media seems incorrect,and thus the perceived impact of the change blown out of proportion.

Here is where a United rep announced the boarding process in January:

T Whaley

Here’s a video I produced while I participated as a “mock” passenger back in May, when the new terminal was being tested.