Preview: The Ghosts of Douglas’s Past

LGB - Long Beach

I’m not posting today because of the holiday, but I thought I’d include a great picture from this weekend’s activities.

Douglas Building 80 Long Beach Airport

That is the old Douglas Building 80 at Long Beach Airport. It was the site where just about every DC-9, MD-80, and 717 came together until the plant was shuttered last decade. Fortunately, the sign is a landmark and won’t be going anywhere, even though the fate of the building itself is up in the air.

I had a chance to take a tour of this facility with a group of airline dorks who flew in on a DC-8 on Saturday. I’ll have more about this in a future post. I just figured I’d tease it today. For all my American readers, enjoy the holiday.

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1 comment on “Preview: The Ghosts of Douglas’s Past

  1. For an old DC-9 and MD-80 pilot this is a sad sight. Spent 9 years on these aircrafts, real workhorses, reliable. Now in the global translation service instead.

    I am enjoying reading your blog, keep it up!

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