Cranky on the Web (March 21-25)

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Fuel hedging no guarantee for airlinesCNN Out of the Office
Following up on last week, this week I wrote about fuel hedging and why airlines don’t actually have fuel prices locked in, for the most part.

How Not to Design a Website, Courtesy of a Lousy Indonesian AirlineBNET Headwinds
PT. Tri-M.G. Intra Asia Airlines out of Indonesia may be best known for its position on the EU blacklist (if it’s known at all), but really it should be known for a truly awful website.

US Airways Takes Its Frequent-Flier Program to the Next LevelBNET Headwinds
US Airways has added “special dividends” to keep people flying even after they’ve reached status. It’s a low cost way to keep people flying.

In the Trenches: The Agony of Credit Card FeesIntuit Small Business Blog
Trying to compare credit card processors is like trying to grab a fistful of air. It’s impossible.

How Some Airlines Thrive Without Global AlliancesBNET Headwinds
Alliances may be for the cool kids, but there are plenty of airlines doing just fine without. Look at Alaska, JetBlue, and Hawaiian, for example.

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