Cranky on the Web (December 27-31)


Google Deal Divides Travel IndustryThe New York Times
I was asked about what travelers think about the proposed Google-ITA deal. My response? They don’t.

Phone jam-ups stymie fliersBoston Globe
One of the many stories out there on the pain endured by travelers on the east coast. I tried to give my thoughts.

Don’t Impose More RulesThe New York Times
I wrote an opinion piece on why more regulation isn’t going to fix the problems encountered after this last storm.

In the Trenches: Profiting By Being HumanIntuit Small Business Blog
It’s been a big week for Cranky Concierge and it’s mostly because we’re humans that our clients can actually reach when they need us.

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6 comments on “Cranky on the Web (December 27-31)

    1. The airplane seats don’t usually sit in our breakfast nook but rather in my office – they just moved them into that room b/c it was better for the photo. But the seats just hang out in my office – dogs can’t fit on them.

        1. They were never in revenue service. They were actually ads for Bucky Pillow in a luggage store. When the store went out of business years ago, my parents bought it for me.

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