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Congress Might Finally Break the FAA Funding Logjam… MaybeBNET Headwinds
Now that Rep Oberstar is gone, the FAA reauthorization might eventually go through, maybe.

US Airways: Without Fees, We Have No ProfitBNET Headwinds
US Airways says that its entire profit will come from fees this year. That’s not a surprise and it’s why the change to a fee structure is so important for the industry.

Continental’s FareLock Is the Kind of Fee Everyone LikesBNET Headwinds
A fee that’s good for the airline and customers? It’s true.

Airlines Temper Their Urges to Grow in NovemberBNET Headwinds
November traffic numbers saw less growth than October.

In the Trenches: Are Customer Newsletters Worth It?Intuit Small Business Blog
Sending random emails wasn’t enough, it was time to consider a monthly newsletter.

Qantas: Engine Problems Mean Its A380s Can’t Fly to the U.S. Big ProblemBNET Headwinds
Qantas continues to struggle with the A380, and now it’s revealed that without some real engine fixes, the airplane can’t fly to the US.

How United Turned Southwest Into a New Direct CompetitorBNET Headwinds
Southwest is sitting right on top of the new United in Newark with the slots that United gave the airline. This isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Getting the Most Value from Your Travel BudgetIntuit Small Business Blog
You have a travel policy now but that doesn’t mean you’ll still do the best you can with your budget. It requires really knowing your travel habits.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (December 13-17)

  1. Re: Quantas 380’s. Isn’t there a non-RR engine option that would work for Quantas? After the L1011 engine debacle would anyone really make an aircraft with RR exclusive engines? If so, could Quantas force RR to refund their money and put in an order with their competitor? Are there lemon laws on modern jet engines?

    1. Yes, there is a non-RR option for the A380 and airlines like Emirates and Air France are using it. That being said, it’s a non-trivial thing to switch engine types so they would have to get someone to pay for that to happen. Not sure that they want to either but I suppose it could be an option if all else fails.

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