Introducing BNET Headwinds – Cranky on the Web (July 26-30)

It’s been a quiet week on BNET this week, and that’s because they were busy launching a completely revamped site. So they locked us out while they made the changes, but now it’s back and better than before. Instead of being a contributor on BNET Travel, I now have my own blog called Headwinds (BNET Travel is gone). I’ll continue to post at the same rate as before, but you’ll now only see my posts. I would, however suggest browsing the other blogs as well, because there is some great stuff in there.

So make sure you update your bookmarks. The old site is so 2009. Start using this link from now on:
And the new RSS feed is:

Southwest’s Chronic Flight Delays Are Getting WorrisomeBNET Headwinds
Southwest had another month with a fair number of flights delayed more than 70 percent of the time. With the DOT’s increasing focus, they’re going to need to work on this.

Delta Woos N.Y. Fliers as Chicago Shuttle Targets UAL, AMRBloomberg
Bloomberg ran a piece about Delta moving into the LaGuardia-O’Hare market with full force. I see this as an attempt to “win” New York, so it’s targeting American more than anyone else.

How Southwest Made Hay With “Bags Fly Free”BNET Headwinds
Southwest keeps getting more creative with selling its bags fly free prop. This time, it’s a ground ops agent getting in on it.

US Airways Pilot Dilemma Spills Into the CourtsBNET Headwinds
The US Airways pilot brawl is heating up, and management has been dragged in. Now the airline want clarification on what the heck it’s supposed to do.

United-Continental Merger: Suspicions Confirmed as Exec Team Leans Toward ContinentalBNET Headwinds
John Tague is out, and Continental is starting to take over.

How Social Media Can Save Airlines Time and MoneyBNET Headwinds
There’s a lot of debate about whether or not social media is worth. I say yes, and the benefit can be quantifiable.

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eponymous coward

You know what I hate? RSS feeds that are teasers. I don’t mind an ad in the feed (Talking Points Memo does this very well), but an RSS feed that I have to open in a browser window to read completely (instead of reading in an RSS reader) is useless.

eponymous coward

So, basically, your BNET RSS feed is completely useless to me, since I have to read it in a browser anyway.

Nick Barnard

Basically its a matter of how you want to use RSS feeds. I use them to give me a list of articles, not to actually read the articles..

Nick Barnard

Brett what other blogs would you recommend on BNET?


another complaint about bnet’s RSS issues and a new complaint about the unbelievably annoying “join bnet” popup that display’s its ugly face on every page

are they aware that bothering people is NOT a way to gain subscribers?

eponymous coward

Exactly. Like I said, I don’t MIND ads in the feed- I know someone has to pay for content. But I prefer reading RSS content in an RSS reader, since it automatically gets pushed out, as opposed to
– see RSS feed has refreshed
– click on article
– open new web browser window to read article

Annoying as hell.


And they still don’t seem to allow commenting on posts without registering first, which doesn’t stop spamming as a quick glance at some of the recent posts shows.


I like the new look of BNET but it was difficult if going to to locate your section. I had to click ‘Commentary’ then on the right hand side choose ‘Other Bloggers.’ I liked before that I could just click Travel and read your posts. Maybe BNET in the 2.1 version can provide an easier way to navigate blogs or at least recognize that you should be listed in the List of 5 on the main page.