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Ash Wednesday: Icelandic Volcano Impact on Airlines Worse Than 9/11BNET
You all know how ugly it’s been in Europe with the volcano, and now they’re saying the initial impact is worse than 9/11. Fortunately, the recovery won’t be nearly as painful.

Social Media Turns Tiny Mistakes Into Big Headaches for Delta AirlinesBNET
Delta made a small mistake online erasing the fee for last minute award travel. Normally, that would be easy to fix, but people find things like this so fast, it creates problems.

what to do if a volcano ruins your
Lots of posts about what to do with a volcano. Here’s mine.

Flights from Boston to Europe nearing normal levelsBoston Globe
I spoke with the Globe about how we’ve been helping Concierge clients.

6 Trends to ask your IFE&C provider aboutdigEcor
The inflight entertainment manufacturer asked me what I wanted to see in inflight entertainment. #1? I just want it to work.

Delta’s Capacity Cuts Show Why Less Is MoreBNET
It’s earnings season and that’s kind of boring. But here I looked at the correlation between capacity cuts and revenue gains at Delta.

Cranky Concierge Helps Customers Pull Travel Plans Out Of The (Volcanic) AshesThings With Wings/Aviation Week
Things With Wings covered some of the successes we’ve had helping people at Cranky Concierge.

To Fly Or Not to Fly: Airlines Slam European Regulators Over Airspace ClosuresBNET
Now that planes are flying in Europe again, it’s time for the blame game. I actually side with the regulators on this one.

United and US Airways Merger: A Bad Idea That’s Now DeadBNET
I can’t say I agree with the title on this (they pick them, not me), but it is true that talks have been called off.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web (April 19 – 23)

  1. The “what to do if a volcano ruins your wedding” is listed as a BNET post, but the link goes to antibride.

  2. IFE. Please, just keep it quiet, so that I (who wants NOT to watch movies etc) do not have to hear the buzz from your earbuds. And, oh please, no voice cell-phone access.
    How about removing the IFE from window seats? All I want is to admire the miracle of flight out thew indow. Oh, I know, that won’t happen. And I do very much like the moving map, on the seemingly-small percentage of units that offer it.
    And Channel 9. Please, United, let it happen. And why can’t other airlines adopt it?

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