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Is Virgin America Flying Without a Map?BNET
Virgin America has announced Toronto and Orlando service, two very different markets. What’s the strategy?

Flying In Style: Premium Air Travel Rebound BeginsBNET
IATA predicts that the premium air travel downturn is cyclical, not permanent. The airline rejoice.

Did Airport Grants Sway Stupak’s Healthcare Vote? No Way.BNET
There are some allegations that Rep Stupak voted for the healthcare bill in exchange for airport grants. This is absurd.

JetBlue Fights Talent Flight, Keeps HQ in New YorkBNET
JetBlue picked talent over costs and kept its headquarters in New York instead of going to Orlando. That was definitely the right move (or lack thereof).

How to Sail Through Airport SecurityBNET Feature
My first feature story for BNET offers tip on how to get through security quickly.

When Will Foreigners Be Able to Own US Airlines? Not Anytime SoonBNET
There’s a lot of talk about the new open skies deal between the US and Europe, but there’s not much new coming out of this deal.

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11 comments on “Cranky on the Web (March 22-26)

  1. My guess on Virgin America. They are trying to offer intra US flights for Virgin Atlantic passengers. Open Jaw ticketing is very popular with the British! Many want to combine more than one city into an itin! Up til now, flying into MCO from LON/MAN/GLA was an in and out affair. Maybe Open jaw with Miami! … But many by now, its a been there done that!

    So while FL is considered “low season” during the summer for Americans! For passengers coming in from other parts of the world, its PEAK SEASON!

    Branson, has spoken recently about being able to offer an around the world Virgin Experience. Now VS flights into YYZ and MCO link up with the West Coast.

    Notice how many of the VS flights link up with V America cities?

    Now the strategy looks a little different! Maybe? :)

    1. Jordan – If that’s the strategy they’re following, then I would be very concerned. UK-Florida traffic is low dollar leisure traffic. They don’t need Orlando and Toronto to create a round-the-world network – they already connect up easily with LA and NYC (and others).

      So if they’re deploying new airplanes simply to feed inbound customers from the UK, then that seems like an awful idea.

  2. Concerning Bart Stupak: Stupak stinks and so does this article. The Obama Administration bought him off with a promised Executive Order and who knows how many “federal grants”. And no matter who says so, there is no proof that it didn’t. This article is fatuous at best and biased at worst. It doesn’t deserve a link in the Flyer.

    1. “The Obama Administration bought him off with a promised Executive Order and who knows how many “federal grants”. And no matter who says so, there is no proof that it didn’t.”

      The Executive Order was a publicly known action – Rep Stupak made it clear that he wouldn’t vote for the bill without it. You can call that “buying off” if you want, but in my mind, that’s more like compromise or at worst, appeasement.

      And what sort of proof would you like to see that the federal grants were not given to him specifically for his healthcare vote? Since when does there have to be proof that something didn’t happen? If you’re looking at this as a criminal matter, it’s innocent until proven guilty. Where is your proof that it DID happen?

  3. The EO was a cover for the other shenanigans that Obama perpetrated; and Stupak and all the others gobbled them right up. The country can’t afford this type of bribery and it will be defunded after November.

    I think this site should just stick to air travel topics, you’re in way over your head!

    1. In case you missed it, this is about air travel. It appears that you’re a conspiracy theorist and you’re throwing out accusations without offering proof in order to support your political beliefs. Feel free to post your proof here, but this will be my last response.

    1. My blog along with Mark’s at Upgrade:Travel Better were unique in that we were the only blogs that weren’t hosted by BoardingArea. I can’t speak for Mark, but I wasn’t willing to give up control over my site, and BoardingArea recently made the decision that it wasn’t in their best interest to include non-hosted blogs for a variety of reasons.

  4. Well Mr CF, what do you think of Stupak now? It’s obvious that he is a hypocritical turncoat who has no character and won’t stand behind his own actions. They’ll probably rename those airports after Benedict arnold, Anger Hiss, and Julian and Ethel Rosenberg.

    As I said before, “I think this site should just stick to air travel topics, you’re in way over your head!”

    By the way, you might have noticed that nobody has supported you on this subject.

    1. *sigh* I couldn’t care less about Rep Stupak resigning or not. The only point I’ve tried to make is that these tiny airport grants were not a bribe but rather just routine airport maintenance grants. Once again, if you have proof that these grants were used as bribery, put it here. Otherwise, get over it and find other conspiracies to chase.

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