Cranky Concierge Clients Now Get 25% Off Inflight Internet, More Updates

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We’ve been working on all kinds of things here at Cranky Concierge, and since it’s been awhile since I last wrote about the service, I thought today’s news would be a good time for an update. Cranky Concierge clients now get 25% off inflight internet via Aircell’s Gogo service on flights that we’re following.

Cranky Concierge Clients Get 25% Off Inflight Internet

Now, if you’re flying Virgin America and AirTran, you’ll be able to log on during every flight for 25% less. Delta is making a lot of progress toward outfitting the mainline fleet, and American has over 100 planes. US Airways turns on the first of its 51 A321s that will get the service on Monday, and United offers it on flights between New York and LA and SF (not much coverage, I know). Continental and Alaska will both be coming soon. Oh, and don’t forget Air Canada. Remember, Concierge clients get many more discounts as well. If you have a product or service that you would like to offer at a discounted rate to Concierge clients, let me know and we’ll get you up there.

Here are some other things we’ve been working on recently:

  • We now have a Cranky Concierge Yelp page up I'm With Cranky Stickerand running, so you can read reviews and, if you’re a client, leave one as well. (Thanks to the two of you who already have!)
  • The Cranky Concierge Facebook page just received a major makeover. Come check it out and join in the conversation on the Wall.
  • Stickers! Yeah, I had some stickers made, because they’re kind of cool. Want one? Sign up for Cranky Concierge and I’ll be happy to send one your way.

We’ve also started a referral bonus program. Cranky clients who send a referral our way will get a $25 credit when that person signs up for his first trip. Yep, that’s worth free assistance for one trip within the US and Canada or it can be put toward a bigger package. Pretty slick, huh?

We hope to be able to help some of you soon.

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6 comments on “Cranky Concierge Clients Now Get 25% Off Inflight Internet, More Updates

  1. Good news for work-a-holics I guess. I personally like to avoid work while on a plane. Thanks for the update; though I’m still on the fence on having you follow me on an flight it is a great service for those that don’t travel for a living or just want piece of mind.

    Also, I really like that you are posting low fares on the Cranky Concierge facebook site. They always seem to make me wish for more vacation days.

  2. Cranky, do you mind telling us why Aircell are giving this discount? Is cranky paying them something? Or do they believe cranky brings more business their way? Perhaps it’s market segmentation — cranksters might be cheapos who otherwise wouldn’t pay for internet onboard?

    It’s nice to learn about these discounts, but it would be even more interesting to understand what’s behind them — if it is possible for you to say.

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments and support.

    Ron – no money exchanged hands here. While I can’t speak to why they decided to offer a discount to Concierge clients, I can tell you how I pitch Cranky Concierge.

    When concierge clients come to us for planning assistance, that gives us the opportunity to give them options above and beyond just price and schedule. While wifi is an interesting selling point, having a discount offering makes it even more compelling, so we’re more likely to speak about it more enthusiastically.

  4. Cranky, just for accuracy on the penetration of Aircell’s GoGo across various airlines:

    American has internet already on 150 MD80s and 15 B767 that fly transcon.

    Thank you,

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