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Delta Starts Consolidating Regional Carriers
Delta is taking pieces of Compass, Comair, and Mesaba and mashing them together. Seems like a good idea to me.

Why is Hawaiian Installing In-Seat Video?
Hawaiian is putting in seat video on its long haul fleet, but the case for installation is different in this market than in others.

Billions of Stimulus Funds Will Go to Transportation
The stimulus is now law, and the government is starting to dole out the funds quickly. How will the world of transportation benefit?

Mesa Makes Progress in Hawai’i with Mokulele on the Brink
Big changes could be in store for Hawai’i as a couple of airlines show very mixed results.

December Premium Air Traffic Down More Than 13 Percent
It’s time for the December premium traffic update, and guess what? It’s not pretty. Traffic continues to drop, but which area is getting hit hardest?

LAX Modernization is On the Wrong Track
LAX continues to push how proud it is that they’ve designed an architecturally-significant building for the airport expansion. It’s just sad to see how wrong that strategy is.

Frontier Has a Good December
I’m a little late with this, but I wanted to talk about Frontier’s good December. While the results are good, they’re not as good as you may think.

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3 comments on “This Week on BNET (Feb 16 – 20)

  1. CF, off topic, but i wanted to ask you:
    Are you on if so, what is your username? i would like to add you to miy respected users list, evven if you dont use any more.
    My name is Braniff747SP

  2. axelsarki – I actually do participate to some extent under the name “pgtravel” – that’s a leftover from my days running the PriceGrabber Travel site (now defunct).

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