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Virgin Atlantic’s Food Complaint Was Excellent PR, Possible Hoax?
No airline is better at turning around a bad situation than Virgin Atlantic. Even rumors that this was manufactured haven’t stopped it from helping the airline.

Virgin America Reports Negative 67 Percent Margin for First Three Quarters of 2008
Virgin America is releasing bits and pieces of financial information to the public now that the DOT will push it all out this week. So far, not good.

Continental Reports January RASM Down 5 to 6 Percent
Continental released its January traffic, and things aren’t looking good. RASM was down on capacity cuts. Is it a fluke or a sign of much weaker demand?

A Detailed Review of Virgin America’s Substantial Losses
The full Virgin America dataset has been released, and I’ve gone under the hood to see how the airline is doing. The results aren’t pretty.

JetBlue Pilots Vote Down Union
The vote is in, and JetBlue pilots don’t want a union right now. It’s encouraging to see an airline and its employees on the same page.

Delta Brings Back Aviation Safety Action Program; American Pilots Chime In
Delta’s pilots have agreed on a new Aviation Safety Action Program. Now it’s time for American and US Airways pilots to get in gear.

January Airline Traffic Numbers
The days of capacity cuts being enough to prop up load factor are apparently done. Despite drastic cuts, load factor fell as the economy continues to weaken.

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