Southwest Links to WestJet, Does Anyone Care?

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I know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting the Southwest-WestJet codeshare to get going, and yesterday the airlines took their first steps. Southwest Southwest's Lame Link to WestJetput up a link to WestJet, and I have to say it is completely and totally lame.

Head on over to Southwest’s website and you’ll see that they’ve put a link up to WestJet anywhere you can make a Southwest reservation on the site. Just a link. No, really. So now when you go to book a flight, you’ll also see a link that says “Book Flights to Canada.” Once you’re on the old reservations pages, you’ll find they’ve even given Canada a separate tab. Please, I’m going to have to ask you to calm down. When you click it, it simply opens up the WestJet booking engine and you can book a WestJet flight as you would on the WestJet website.

You know who I feel bad for? The person who wrote the FAQ on this new WestJet link. It’s just says all of the things you can’t do. You can read the whole thing yourself, but here are some of my favorites:

  • Do Southwest Airlines and WestJet offer connecting service?
    No. Currently, connecting service is not offered between the two carriers. If you wish to create your own itinerary using both airlines, you must book two separate reservations and are responsible for the checkin requirements of each carrier. Southwest Airlines and WestJet do not have ticketing or baggage agreements in place at this time and are not responsible for one another’s flight information, reaccommodations, special service requests, etc.

  • Will my checked luggage be transferred from Southwest Airlines to WestJet or vice-versa?
    No. Southwest Airlines and WestJet do not currently have a baggage agreement. If you book two separate reservations that require a connection, you will be responsible for checking in with both airlines. Furthermore, you must claim your baggage at the connection point and re-check it with the airline providing transportation to your final destination. . . .

  • Can I earn Rapid Rewards credit for WestJet flights?
    No, at this time you cannot earn Rapid Rewards credit for WestJet flights.

  • Do WestJet flights count toward my A-List status?
    No, at this time flights completed on WestJet will not count toward a Rapid Reward Member’s A-List status.

  • Can I apply my Southwest Airlines Ticketless Travel Funds to purchase travel on WestJet?
    No, Southwest Airlines Ticketless Travel Funds may only be applied to the purchase of flights operated by Southwest Airlines.

In other words, it’s just a friggin’ link. This is worthy of a press release? I suppose this is a tremendous benefit for that one person who is having trouble typing “” into his browser. But for anyone else, this is no better than putting a link to someone else on your blogroll.

As far as I know, the codeshare is still on for late next year, but let’s hope they focus on the end goal and don’t bother with interim steps like this one again.

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11 comments on “Southwest Links to WestJet, Does Anyone Care?

  1. I agree that very little has been done…. but something is at least better than nothing. How much is there on the JetBlue website for booking flights on Aer Lingus ? (Hint: It’s also pretty lame) Even the Lufthansa link who own a big chunk of Jet Blue’s equity is also very limited

    The web stats between now and spring may also provide useful data for when the website is set up for codesharing (i.e. where do people want to fly on the ‘other’ airline etc…)

  2. Dude, relax…it isn’t the end of the world.

    It is better than nothing. I’m that one person who will benefit from the link as opposed to typing in the URL. I’m sure there are others like me out there as well.

    Was it worthy of a press release? Probably not…but they got you talking about it, didn’t they?

  3. Ah come on, Jim. If I relaxed, there wouldn’t be anything entertaining to read here. I know they say that no press is bad press, and I tend to agree. But in this case, I don’t really think it helps them that much either. I saw it, thought it was lame, and blogged it. That’s just what I do.

  4. Stating the obvious here, but doesn’t this press release get people such as Cranky and others to go to the website and check it out? Well I suspect the revenue gains coming from that link are probably substantial enough to WN that they would want to issue a press release, simply to encourage people to check it out. I can only speculate what percentage of the actual revenue WN is earning with this link, but it would be enough for me to want to issue a press release…

  5. If this is a partnership, then Google must be a partnership of all the airlines. It ridiculous, but then again so is so many things aviation right now.

  6. At least an interline baggage agreement at the four or so airports they have in common. Southwest always underwhelms me with their company plans but they make money.

  7. Good point. If you weren’t “Cranky” we probably wouldn’t be here.

    But I saw your blog and had to yank your chain! :)

  8. I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran on serious medication for cancer treatment and I made an error on the destination when I booked a flight out of JFK online. When I realized this error I contacted Delta customer service and was told, “I’m sorry” by the representative and I was not was given a refund. I am living on a small veterans fixed monthly income and am now out $1045.95. If this is how this airline treats american 100% service connectd veterans whith cancer and who are taking VA prescribed medications then this Delta airlines is no friend to veterans or the military. I called an attorney and he told me it would cost moore to file a lawsuit so here we had it in America, take the disabled persons money because there’s nothing he can do about it. Delta cheated me on this ticket. I figure the only recourse I have is to write about the event and pass it on to every website I can. People, especially disabled veterans need to know how Delta treats a person who on legal medication must work their way through Delta website and if you make an error you will pay for it. This is a crazy way to do business and I will pass the word loudly and far. George Lovenguth

  9. I work for westjet for about 10 yrs, it is an ok company.The way they are treating us (the front line people), are way better in their media relise then in reallity.We are treated like kidds, we can not speak our mind and we we have to live lives at work like our manager tell us. Managers that are leading our teams are not well educated people, all the do is kiss other people A…S and that is how you get to be a manager.
    They are trying to partnership with every possible airline that is out there so they can fill up their seats and crash AirCanada

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